Man City vs Wolves: Former ref advises Jon Moss and Andre Marriner to “start collecting their pensions” after “unacceptable” decision

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When I am coaching young referees I will on more than one occasion refer to the process of decision-making which is to ‘SEE, RECOGNISE, THINK and ACT’.


Experienced referee, Jonathan Moss, 51, was the official for the Manchester City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers game on Saturday.

The VAR for this match at Stockley Park, with the lifebelt at the ready, was another experienced referee in Andre Marriner, 50.

The result of this game hinged on what was a guess by Moss. He was not well-positioned when the ball was crossed into the penalty area by Bernardo Silva.

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Wolves midfielder Joao Moutinho had a raised arm when the ball struck him, but Moss was some distance away when he pointed to the penalty mark.

I watched the instant replay and it was clear that the ball had struck the player’s armpit not his arm.

This was an easy call for Marriner to make, and I expected him to advise Moss to visit the pitchside monitor because the decision was a clear and obvious error resulting from a guess.

His colleague for many years, having had more than one look, decided to compound the error by supporting the call.

This was an unacceptable decision by two referees who frankly need to start collecting their pensions and making way for some younger colleagues.

Wolves cannot blame bad refereeing for the game’s first big moment of controversy though.

Raul Jimenez should be docked his wages after having let his own fans down by receiving a yellow card and, within seconds, a second one for delaying the restart.

It left Moss with no option other than to raise the red card and point to the dressing room.

Former Premier League and FIFA referee Keith Hackett is a columnist for

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  1. ‘Raul Jimenez should be docked his wages’

    As a lifelong Wolves fan – and given how Raul has fought back from his life threatening injury and what he has done for Wolves on the pitch – I can tell you us fans owe him a lot more than he owes us.

    As for that ‘penalty’ – no chance but, hey, it’s Man City so go figure.

  2. If MoTD can freezeframe an image in a few seconds why can’t the VAR do it’s job properly?
    The armpit is not handball.
    Penalties for top teams this weekend, coincidence or conspiracy? Discuss with reference to referee incompetence or institutional bias in favour of “the big six”.

  3. In the second half when a citeh player blocked a wolves free kick, why wasn’t he booked like Raul? Double standards AGAIN and AGAIN.

  4. OK maybe it was stupid by Jiminez having been booked but surely Moss could have used a bit of common sense and pulled him to one side and warn him and remind him he’s been booked.
    Moss played to the city players and fans, why wasn’t Sterling booked for a clear dive to get a penalty, double standards again by an incompetent referee.
    Moss has always been against us and has for mariner who comes from Solihull enough said about him.
    VAR has robbed us of ten points so far that would put us fourth above West Ham, funny how Chelsea (2), Man U (1), Liverpool (1) and city (1) all won on penalties.

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