Potential new deal for Tottenham veteran shows North Londoners are still living in the past rather than moving forward under Conte

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It’s safe to say that the Nuno Espírito Santo experiment at Tottenham Hotspur was an abject disaster.

Frankly, that’s something that could’ve easily been predicted given that the Portuguese wasn’t close to being the North Londoner’s first choice for the managerial role once it had been decided to sack Jose Mourinho.

As decent and honourable as Nuno appeared to be on the face of it, it quickly became clear that he wasn’t the right fit for the club.

Once Antonio Conte was belatedly secured, it at least hinted that Spurs might actually be looking forward for a change, rather than dwelling in the past.

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The shadow of Mauricio Pochettino casts almost as long a shadow at White Hart Lane as Pep Guardiola does at Barcelona, albeit the Catalan’s trophy record batters Spurs’ lack of silverware into submission.

In any event, with Conte at the helm, things need to change.

Hugo Lloris

Unfortunately for fans of the club, that’s not going to be an overnight thing, and certainly not if the club are still looking to reward veterans when the reality is they should be moving them on.

Football Insider note that Hugo Lloris is in talks with the club to extend his current deal, which runs out in the summer.

At 34 years of age, the Frenchman is, apparently, looking for a deal to take him into his late thirties.

As good a custodian as he may have been, any such deal only represents what Tottenham are as a club, and far from what they aspire to be.

There’ll be younger, fitter goalkeepers undoubtedly available, so the question supporters must surely need answering is why the club are still considering Lloris as their number one, and what that signals for the immediate future of the club.

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  1. 34 is not old for a keeper. There may be younger and fitter keepers but that is irrelevant. Are they better? Hugo is in the top 3 or 4 keepers in the PL. Since COVID hit he has been outstanding. Keeping him is vital. I guess you’ve never heard of Pat Jenning?

  2. The notion of veteran is bandied about far too easily and bears no real relationship to the abilities and stature of a goalkeeper like Lloris. If anything I would say Lloris is a very fit and agile 34 and can easily see him still playing high level football at 40+. It is not backward looking when you are securing and ensuring the services of top player are retained to the benefit of the team and club. So in this case I think you are way off the mark!

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