“A real leader” – These Arsenal fans have decided who should replace Aubameyang as captain

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Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is no longer the club captain, but we don’t know who’s going to be replacing him.

The Gunners also stripped Granit Xhaka of the captain’s armband back in 2019, with Aubameyang initially doing well as his replacement, though it’s all gone sour recently.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is bound to be a difficult issue for manager Mikel Arteta, with there not being too many obvious candidates in this Arsenal squad who could step up and take over as the team’s leader on the pitch.

Still, many fans seem convinced there’s one man who looks a good fit for the job – Kieran Tierney.

The young Scotland international has shown his leadership qualities and professionalism during his time at the Emirates Stadium, and he makes sense as someone who could relish the chance to wear the armband.

We’ll have to wait and see what Arsenal decide, but for now, here’s the reaction on Twitter as loads of Gooners make their case for Tierney taking over from Aubameyang…

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  1. These are obviously fans that havent considered that Tierney has a 55% injury ratio meaning hes only fit to play 45% of the time. Having sicknote is a terrible call.

    1. That is a concern, but who else is there? Would be a mistake to give it back to Xhaka. Too early for Smith Rowe, Saka, White…

  2. He is a, fairly, obvious choice. Problem is, he’s hurt and out for at least half the games. So, who will be Captain in Tierney’s stead?

  3. I agree, top fragile, have Captain always injured can’t be good for team spirit nor makes sense.

    He is a leader and Captain material, we all can see that but he must be on pitch, fit.

    Also seems to me that Tavares been prefered by Arteta lately, reducing his play Time & presence.

    I think for now and since Ozil was stripped as well, before Xhaka, it should be Laca.

    He is there longer than everyone else and defenetly a leader young players look UP to in many ways; his work ethic first… He is a nice & humble guy, likes to crack jokes but also character who will put pressure on everyone and lift team up when most needed.

    In future, we have a few but i defenetly see our current keeper to be Captain and National team.

    Let him grow and confirm; for now it is Laca and should be that; enough drama.

    He was second Captain after Auba, let’s keep it simple and Logic for once with this Captaincy drama since Ozil.

    Laca should have been Captain after Ozil, not Xhaka nor Auba it was given to in order extend his contract…

    Let’s hope Arteta keeps it simple, second Captain l’ACA is now Captain if really Taken from Auba.

    Seems all confused and wrong to take Captaincy this way, Auba is appreciated by teamates, was their leader.

    Beyond, will he play as Xhaka after? He threw away harmbrand, not Auba. And do we really need this drama with Auba now?

    Pour management for sure, we look ridiculous once again and if things go wrong, it will just be another déjà vu!

    Laca is Captain, hopefully let’s call it a day. Best choice for now to keep team’s unity.

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