Andy Robertson shares photo which may explain why he kicked Emerson Royal during Spurs vs Liverpool

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Andy Robertson lost his head last weekend during Liverpool’s 2-2 draw at Tottenham.

The Reds left-back, for reasons unknown at the time, attacked Spurs wide-man Emerson Royal near the touchline by booting the Brazilian high on the leg.

Robertson had been on the receiving end of an awful Harry Kane challenge earlier in the game, but why was he taking his anger out on Royal, rather than the Spurs striker?

Well, Robertson shared a picture to his Instagram Story on Christmas Eve which might explain why Royal was targetted – if indeed his lashing out at the Spurs man was premeditated.

In a detail that had gone unnoticed by most spectators, Royal and Robertson had clashed earlier in the match. Emerson caught Robertson in the face with a late left boot just as the Scot stooped low to head the ball home for Liverpool’s second goal of the game.

Andy Robertson scores at Tottenham

Robertson did not appear to make much of the clash at the time – he was too busy celebrating the goal – but it certainly left its mark on him.

He was seen wearing a significant bruise five days later, which was picked up by The Mirror who headlined an online article: “Liverpool trio return to training on Christmas Eve as Andy Robertson sports nasty black eye”.

This article gained a lot of traction and Robertson decided to respond.

He posted a picture of Emerson kicking his face, along with the caption: “Anyone asking about the black eye! This might help”.

While Spurs duo Emerson and Kane are set to face Crystal Palace on Boxing Day, Robertson’s red card means he must serve a three-game suspension.

The first match of Robertson’s ban was meant to be against Leeds on December 26 but, as that game was called off, he is now likely to miss games against Leicester, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Andy Robertson shared a photo of Emerson Royal kicking his face
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  1. If his head is that low then cannot complain about being kicked. If that was why he made the later foul then it was premeditated and should get more than a three match van

  2. Surprise surprise, you glibly criticising Jurgen Klopp; no, not a surprise!!! Criticise your own club for failings, if you don’t have simple things like sanitiser, it’s a pathetic failing. In addition, you think spurs are on the up because you get a 2-2 draw against a very heavily depleted Liverpool side, shows your willingness to ignore more facts about the failings of spurs. Liverpool had the whole of their midfield missing: Thiago, Fabinho and Henderson, plus the best centre back in the world absent. But hey, being a fickle Landoner, don’t let truth get in the way of a good Jackanory story!!!

  3. Given the pace of the cross and position that Robertson clearly headed the ball from it you could argue he placed himself in a dangerous position in the first place! Did he really expect that Emerson would not attempt to make a challenge and just let him in on goal? This is not a deliberate act but an attempt to defend, and does not afford justification for Robertson’s own Red card offence? He is wrong and needs to accept it outright and not fuel ridiculous attempts to justify his actions!

    1. Think Robby is simply explaining the black eye. It is the author who is making the link with the red card. Was a lot of tension in the mat hand some pretty aggressive pushing and shoving from spurs players notably Emerson and DelliAli so might explain why he lost his cool but don’t see him justifying his action anywhere unlike a certain England captain

    2. He just showed how he got the black eye. That’s it. Did he say he didn’t accept his punishment? No. Did Kane say he played the ball fairly? Yes. Perhaps admitting fault should be made by him, but as yet, crickets.

    3. Pez, Robertson at no point said his red card action was a retaliation for that challenge. He was asked a question about the cause of his black eye and he answered with a photo. Robertson apologised after the match and did not offer any excuse or justification. Is that too complicated for you to understand.

    4. Can you point out where he has tried to justify anything? … all he has done is clarify how he got his black eye

  4. Robertson messed up big time. Whatever it was that emerson did, do not justify his stupid act. You can’t do such and go

  5. So many inaccuracies’ in that response from Pez I just had to respond.

    First, Robertson is not trying to justify what he did by showing the photo, read what it says, he says “if anyone wants to know how I got a black eye”.

    Secondly, He came out straight after the game and admitted he was wrong in his actions, he has never at any point tried to justify what he did.

    Typical football fan reading what they want into something.

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