Liverpool and Man United are setting a dangerous Premier League precedent with recent Covid-related suggestion

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There’s little doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we all live immeasurably, and no one truly knows if or when it will be over.

Various Government protocols to try and combat the spread of Covid-19 were adhered to at the beginning of the pandemic in the UK around March 2020, though a seemingly disjointed message means that as time goes by less and less people appear to be taking notice.

From wearing masks in shops to using hand sanitiser in shops, right up to not having the vaccine at all, there’s a real split with the public’s perception of how best to deal with the matters arising.

Premier League football has appeared to take the lead throughout, with sensible ways and means of dealing with any issues in order that there isn’t too much disruption to the fixture list.

A few postponements of late have been unavoidable and has led to calls for a two-week circuit breaker in order to get over the latest spike in infections.

Talks remain ongoing, though there is one thorny issue that has reared its ugly head, and it’s set a dangerous precedent for the English top-flight.

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Clearly, some professional footballers, as with members of the public, remain reticent to take the vaccine.

Reasons are likely to be manifold, though Manchester United manager, Ralf Rangnick, endorsing his Liverpool counterpart, Jurgen Klopp’s view that the club won’t sign unvaccinated players could cause real problems moving forward.

Ralf Rangnick and Jurgen Klopp

“Yes, I think it could be a consideration and I fully understand what Jurgen said,” Rangnick was quoted as saying by Eurosport.

“But it also depends if you want to sign a player and risk him not being available. This is an issue the clubs seriously have to think about.

“[…] I think this is an issue where of course everybody can and should have his free will, but I think in football, especially at this level we’re playing at, we need to try to convince our players to get vaccinated.”

Such views really need to be fully debated and argued and, perhaps, an accord arrived at that’s acceptable to all parties.

Elite level football can’t suddenly become a two-tier sport.

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