Sex parties with prostitutes, multiple affairs and fathering love-child isn’t enough to stop disgraced Man City star from getting hitched

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They say that only cats have nine lives, but one Manchester City and England star could certainly rival a feline’s ability to be born again.

Trouble follows Kyle Walker around like a bad smell, but somehow he always manages to come up smelling of roses.

One can’t question the player’s ability on the football pitch of course. As a right-back for Pep Guardiola’s side, Walker is rarely beaten for pace or physicality and is a fully paid-up member of the title-winning squad.

That shouldn’t be used as a way of glossing over his off-field misdemeanours, however, which are reported to be extensive.

Who can forget that back during the first lockdown in the UK, Walker thought it would be a great idea to host sex parties with prostitutes, as reported by The Sun.

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It was also reported by The Sun that the player had fathered a love child with model, Lauryn Goodman, which led to the break-up of his long-term relationship with Annie Kilner.

Kyle Walker

The pair were known to have got back together after Kilner had forgiven him for three affairs, and, unbelievably, they have now wed in secret according to The Sun.

If all that the Sun has reported is true, Kyle Walker can count his lucky stars that not only does he have a wife who is clearly loyal and loving, but he also has a club that have forgiven him for dragging their good name into the gutter.

Perhaps it says more about City as a club, and football more generally, that a blind eye is turned to such reprehensible behaviour from a so-called role model.

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