Romelu Lukaku isn’t to blame for all of Chelsea’s ills and their supporters would do well to remember that

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Chelsea aren’t doing so well this season after starting off the 2021/22 campaign like the European champions they are.

Thomas Tuchel’s side were so good that the general feeling was if anyone finished above the Blues, they would be Premier League champions.

That was before their current blip which shows no signs of abating, and threatens to derail their entire campaign.

Along comes Romelu Lukaku giving an ill-advised interview, and hey presto, Chelsea’s supporters have a ready-made scapegoat for what’s happening on the pitch at the moment.

There’s just one problem with that.

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If anyone has been doing the business of late, it’s been the Belgian since his return from injury.

Being honest about his feelings and about his job doesn’t change that. That’s often forgotten too. Football is a job like any other, so why aren’t club employees entitled to voice their frustrations if they see fit?

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So what if they’re earning north of a quarter of a million pounds a week. Their wages are irrelevant.

Lukaku hasn’t been happy, that much is obvious, and he’s been stitched up like a kipper by Sky Italy.

Regardless, he needs to be allowed to move on and get back to doing what he does best, because if Chelsea fans believe that by berating him week in and week out, that’s going to improve the standard of his performances, they’ve got another think coming.

The striker is the West Londoner’s best hope of goals at this point, he’s apologised for the interview, so now it’s time to put the situation in the past.

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