Liverpool star compared to Cristiano Ronaldo as his former coach makes intriguing prediction

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James Milner being compared to Cristiano Ronaldo was not the football analysis any of us were expecting today, but apparently there are similarities between the players!

Milner continues to be a key player for Liverpool despite being 36 years of age and approaching 20 years of playing at the highest level since his first-team breakthrough as a teenager at Leeds United.

We often hear about the incredible fitness levels of Manchester United superstar Ronaldo, but it seems it is a similar level of dedication that means Milner has been able to keep on playing at this level well into his mid-30s.

This intriguing comparison was made by one of Milner’s old coaches at Manchester City, Paul Webster, who also made the prediction that the former England international would carry on playing at this level for a few more years yet.

“I watched him (Milner) against Chelsea and he was probably one of the fittest on the pitch,” Webster told Goal. “He looks young, he looks fit, he’s probably got eight per cent body fat or something ridiculous.

“He’s a bit like Ronaldo. I’ve never worked with Ronaldo, but I know people that have and I get the same impression. It’s all the little things that add up, and they have more little things to add up.

“It’s everything: drinking, James doesn’t touch alcohol; food, he’s meticulous with how much he eats; his timekeeping is perfect; he has goals – he wants to be fitter and stronger as months go by; his general behaviour and his internal discipline.

“It’s no surprise to me whatsoever that he’s still playing, and he’ll roll on for another few years yet.”

Milner and Ronaldo don’t really have many other similarities, but fair play to the Reds man for the way he looks after himself.

Liverpool’s young players would do well to follow his tremendous example, and fans will hope this kind of influence is rubbing off on everyone else at Anfield.

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