Mo Salah wants to stay at Liverpool but he could stop holding them to ransom if he’s so keen to seal the deal

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As Liverpool strikers go, Mo Salah is up there with the very, very best.

Depending on the era that supporters grew up in, there’s likely to be a few dissenting voices that place him at the pinnacle. That No.1 slot still appears reserved for Ian Rush, at least for the time being.

There’s little doubt that the Egyptian King has played the fullest part in the Reds’ renaissance over the past few seasons.

Never shirking his responsibilities, he’s been at the sharp end in every game, big or small. Simply put, he always shows up.

Though isn’t that the minimum expectation for any elite professional player?

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It’s astonishing that in this day and age, players being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a week, clearly believe that anything less then 100 percent effort is acceptable.

That can’t be levelled at Salah of course, though there is a ceiling at which any player must realise a club cannot and must not go beyond.

Jurgen Klopp and Mo Salah

According to an interview that the player gave to GQ, he wants to stay and isn’t ‘asking for crazy stuff.’

Yet the same interview also says there are reports circulating that he wants double his current salary, which would, in effect, make him the highest paid player at the club.

Salary Sport put his current weekly earnings at £225,000. To believe that he should get anywhere close to double that figure is preposterous.

No wonder it appears that Fenway Sports Group are dragging their heels, particularly given Salah’s age and with his best years likely behind him.

If he really wants to stay at Anfield, then lining his pockets to such an extent shouldn’t be the first thought in his or his representatives minds.

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  1. Totally biased article. Salah deserves respect. Salah is a respectful person who has shown great humanity and charity to many and has been inspirational on and off the pitch. Yes I agree that wages for footballers are too high but that is not Salah’s creation there are many responsible for that. Why is nothing ever mentioned about agent fees? . They are a huge problem too.

  2. Why is it preposterous? You do realise Ronaldo is getting more than that. I know its Ronaldo but you don’t realise how big Salah is becoming outside the UK. They didn’t seem to have any issues buying the Pittsburgh penguins and trying to but that south American club. Has everyone forgotten esl already. Klopp said negotiations are going well. Salah doesn’t seem to think so. Just goes to show u how easily fsg bs to klopp.

  3. Salah is the best player in the world on form right now and this is likely his last large multi-year lucrative contract opportunity of his career. Pay the man ffs. Should be criticizing FSG not Salah.

  4. I think Mo is the only best player liverpool have. Consistently scoring goal and work hard. But cant always depend on him, sign st maxim from newcastle..when Mo and Mane unavailable

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