Major AFTV regular has his prison sentence tripled after stalking, kidnap and assault revelations

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The rise of football fan channels shows no sign of slowing up anytime soon.

Almost all of the major football clubs now have fan channels of their own and are successful to varying degrees.

At the beginning of movement for supporters to have an authentic voice came Arsenal Fan TV, since shortened to AFTV.

Run by Robbie Lyle, also known as Don Robbie, the YouTube channel has lost a little bit of lustre since its early days, but is still a staple watch for many.

Lyle has been the brains behind the entire media enterprise since day one, but it hasn’t been without its controversies.

Before his untimely death, Claudio Luciano Ricardo Callegari, known on the channel as Claude, was a hugely popular regular contributor.

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An alleged racist comment caught on a live video during the North London derby forced Lyle to take action and remove his friend from any future broadcasts.

Now, AFTV have had to issue a statement regarding another of their longest standing contributors, Mr. DT.

Arsenal Fan TV

Mr. DT, real name Liam Goodenough, was sent to prison last year for 12 months, but as The Sun report, he has recently had that sentence tripled.

The reasons were enough for AFTV to note that Mr. DT will never work with them again in future.

The 42-year-old had, apparently, stalked his former partner, sending messages that threatened suicide and used a tracking feature to drive to a hotel where she was staying.

It was there that he is said to have verbally abused her, assaulted her companion and photographed her in a state of undress.

It’s also alleged that he dragged her to his car by saying her son was in the vehicle and that he had a knife.

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