Arsenal prepared to reward Arteta to keep him from the clutches of Premier League rivals

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Although progression at Arsenal has arguably been slower than the club might like under Mikel Arteta, the fact remains that they are progressing.

The Spaniard has never veered from ensuring that he wants his players to be brave, physical, solid at the back, good in possession and swift on the break.

His teams have to work hard, and any players not willing to put in a shift in every game can expect to find themselves benched.

That also applies to ill-discipline, with Arteta showing that he isn’t a man to be messed with.

In many respects, he is a Guardiola MKII, even if he’s unlikely to enjoy the comparison.

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According to the Daily Mail, however, Man City are eyeing up their former assistant coach to take over from Pep when he decides that he’s had enough.

That has been enough to spur the Gunners board into action.

A new deal being put forward would appear to be a formality, and that stability would allow both manager and club to prepare properly for the future.

Arsenal are moving in the right direction, with the age of the playing squad quietly being brought back down and the higher earners being leveraged out.

It’s clear that the Spaniard has the club’s best interests at heart and their commitment to him will ensure the support he needs when times get tough again, as they inevitably will at some stage.

What isn’t clear is when any new contract will be presented or signed, but the sooner the better as far as the Gunners are concerned.

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