Video: Brazilian U20 game is interrupted after fan confronts players with a KNIFE

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The issue of supporters rushing the field isn’t quite an epidemic as of this moment, but there are definite signs that this is a practice that’s becoming more and more popular.

Mostly it’s just youngsters wanting a selfie with their heroes, or drunk punters hoping to leather one home and take the acclaim from the crowd.

However, there’s always a thought in the back of the mind that what if someone came running on with quite sinister intentions?

That situation has now come to pass during a Brazilian U20 game between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras.

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Two yobs approach the players and one of them even had a knife on him, which the referee proceeds to take off of the pitch.

Even with Police in attendance, little was done, other than the players themselves shepherding the fans off of the pitch.

It’s incredible that no one was seriously injured but it doesn’t bode well for the future.