Antonio Conte needs to walk out on Tottenham to save his sanity and reputation

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Not long to go in the winter transfer window now, and suffice to say that it’s been an absolute disaster for Tottenham Hotspur.

Perhaps what’s more telling is that precisely no one will be surprised by it.

Spurs supporters might consider their club to be one of the ‘big six’ still, but that’s stretching things just a little too far.

Mauricio Pochettino’s tenure notwithstanding, they’ve not really been that for years.

The way that the club appears to conduct its transfer business is amateur at best and Antonio Conte must be pulling his (regrown) hair out.

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For a serial winner, going to a club with a reputation for frugality was a risk in itself, but maybe the Italian believed that his will could bend that of those in the corridors of power.

Clearly, he hadn’t met Daniel Levy before taking the position, or else he would’ve known that the chairman wasn’t a man for turning.

Antonio Conte

A man who knows the value of every penny and every pound the club spends, and is notoriously stubborn when it comes to haggling on transfer deals.

That has to be the reason why the North Londoners have already seemingly lost out on Adama Traore (to Barcelona) and Luis Diaz (to Liverpool), despite being favourites to sign both players earlier in the window.

Frankly, Conte is going to get nowhere close to building a title-winning squad whilst Levy holds the purse strings, and with such a lack of ambition undeniable, it’s about time the former Inter manager packed up his bags and moved on.

He doesn’t need to waste any more of his time at White Hart Lane.

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    1. who wants to come to us , we are average side going nowhere , conte should pack his bags and get out , he dont deserve us !

  1. Conte was at fault for Mentioning Adama Traore would be used as a wing back, Personally Traore is an Attacking winger ,also spurs Heirarchy are a disgrace in this transfer window,panic buying now ,we want quality to close the gap on the likes of Man city, Liverpool,Chelsea, it’s about time Levy and co should quit, as they are the Downfall in Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.we want success not failures ,I also would not blame Conte if he walked out of the club .

    1. Nuthing to do with conte it’s levy n enic low balling trying to get everything cheep but wants top dollar for our crap doesn’t work like that until levy is gone this will never change 20 year never changed why he’s going to change now every season in his interview he lies lies lies to save his own back blames everyone else for spurs down fall when it’s really his fault

  2. Of course Conte won’t quit. He’s on £20m per year for God’s sake.
    Unfortunately, when a Spaniard is offered the choice of Barcelona, or Spurs, who do people expect him to choose? Also Liverpool, or Spurs? A no brainer!
    Football fans are Walter Mitty fantasist!

  3. “Spurs supporters might consider their club to be one of the ‘big six’ still, but that’s stretching things just a little too far.

    Mauricio Pochettino’s tenure notwithstanding, they’ve not really been that for years.”

    This must be fishing. You do realise spurs have only finished outside the top 6 only once in the last 12 seasons (last year).

  4. Conte will walk he’s done it few times before even after winning a league title don’t back him he doesn’t care what he’s own his reputation is worth more to him than a chairmen not backing him n making him look crap conte not stupid his inter team was n still is better than us n he left them coz lukuku the rb n a few other were getting sold he didn’t like that so quit he will do same

  5. 9th richest club in the world. 5th richest club in England and as Brad said only finished outside the top 6 once in 12 years. Unfortunately a lot of people hate Spurs not just Gooners. Not entirely sure why that is but even thr media seem to have it in for us. None of the big clubs in the PL have signed anyone yet. Conte is not a quitter but the Spurs haters want him to leave because he is world class and they’re afraid of what he will achieve at Spurs.

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