(Audio) Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend leaks uncomfortable clip alleging sexual abuse

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Mason Greenwood has found himself embroiled in controversy after his girlfriend Harriet Robson recently took to social media to accuse the striker of abuse – both physical and sexual.

The Manchester United number 11 is alleged to have physically assaulted Robson, with who he has been in a long-term relationship with after she posted several images showing her face and body covered in cuts and bruises.

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Shockingly, images weren’t the only posts Robson leaked. The young woman also included a recording that appears to expose Greenwood demanding sex.

Following the bombshell allegations dropped by Robson, Manchester United released a statement saying: “We are aware of images and allegations circulating on social media. We will not make any further comments until the facts have been established. Manchester United does not condone violence of any kind.”

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  1. Ok some hypocrisy here. EPL has no problem accepting money from the Muslim countries (namely Man$ity & New Ca$tle) considering how the treat women there.

    1. True. There are dirty people in the business and money that substantiates the Western World. Doesn’t make Greenwood’s case wrong to point out. Part of it is visibility, immediacy, and specificity. We should do that for those companies and transition to make money cleaner. An educated guess is those connections go all the way to deals with media companies…

    1. Why an idiot, your going by pictures maybe someone else doing the voice over on that clip……have you thought his GF could be telling a pack of lies……Remember Ronaldos situation

  2. Abeg
    That guy is innocent oo
    Bad friends everywhere mtcheeew
    Free that guy ooo
    Children of Jezebel everywhere looking for someone they will tarnish their image and reputation

  3. that is wrong if she takes him to court is don´t for especially when his career is amazing justice for Harriet Robson.

  4. Isn’t social media a wonderful thing, and why post a picture of yourself with dried blood on your face, Mason Greenwood has been well and truly stitched up…..yet all you people condemn him without knowing the truth…..Mason Greenwood ain’t the scum here it’s people who want to conduct yourself like his so called GF

  5. greenwood has done a shameful thing that will inflict pain to his carrier,family and fans,i hate it he deserves big big punishment

  6. But why will you record your bedroom conversation. This looks like acting to me. If you are being forced to have sex or rape you will not relax to speak and mention his name romantically like that. You will run like a hare! I know what I am saying.

  7. That is pure acting. How can you being forced of rape and you mention his name romantically? You would have run like a hare looking for the next door to exit.

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