Harriet Robson’s father breaks silence on Mason Greenwood abuse allegations

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The father of Harriet Robson has spoken out following the shocking allegations his daughter made early on Sunday morning against Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood.

Ms Robson posted a series of images on his Instagram account that saw her bloodied and bruised with a caption that read: “To everyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood does to me.”

An audio clip also emerged that is alleged to contain the voices of both Ms Robson and Greenwood. Although the authenticity of the clip has yet to be verified, the nature of the conversation alludes to Ms Robson being subjected to a form of sexual abuse.

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Following the shocking and hugely distressing allegations put forward by the former long-time partner of Greenwood, Manchester United, as well as Greater Manchester Police, both issued statements, with the latter confirming they’re now conducting initial enquiries.

The Red Devils have also recently added that the young striker will not be training or playing matches until further notice.

Ms Robson’s father, who spoke to the Daily Mail, has now also reacted, revealing the extent of his shock.

“The first thing we knew about this was at 6am this morning,” Mr Robson said. “It is dreadful. I’m just coming to terms with it all.

“As a father you don’t want to know things like that happening to your daughter. The police have been round and she has made a statement to them.

“She is completely devastated by it all.”

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  1. As for me i think is a set up to greenwood…if is not a set up,how can her girlfriend post what they did in secret out..whats her gain in that now…yes!It has happen but she have to take it has her own cross

    1. Your post is despicable. If your daughter got raped, would you post like this? Shame on you. I feel like vomit while reading this.

    2. What on earthis Gideon tring to say – or is iot some street language that normal people cannot comprehend
      The gist of it appears to be having a go at the young woman – grow up Gideon

    3. I strongly agree with you view of the story Gideon, and I also think is a set up too… (Following the previous events of Ryan Giggs and Benjamin Mendy)… Meanwhile who’s making recordings of the video, photos and voice conversation btw the both… If she was the person who did the recordings, definitely mason must had been aware that she wanted to set him up… I strongly agree this is a set up, and I just pray mason is found on a safe side 🙏

  2. I am disturbed by this i mean was there entrapment. It all seems to “neat”. Also the photo of her bleeding seems possibly staged. Lets wait and see

  3. I don’t think this is right..its a set up to end the youngsters career.. before we judge him we need to hear from his side of the story…this thing looks twisted

  4. People who think its staged are dumb, he raped her and assaulted her grow up and stop protecting him

  5. The act is a wrong one, but why was it recorded from the beginning? Does that mean she meant to harm him someday. Because I don’t see a reason why you should just pick a quarrel and start recording while the guy watches you do that. What time did this record take place, before, while or after the assault? If before, it means something intentional or a kind of grudges or set up. Please let’s think we’ll.

    1. Exactly the point, it make no sense why would she just record the incidence at the spot, let’s come to reality things don’t go like that, and the report says his voice was also in the audio it make no sense bcoz he knows the consequences of her leaking that video and would never allow her do that, to me it’s a matter of destroying his Career.

    2. For all those asking how or why was it recorded or if she planned to hurt him someday.. I don’t see why someone should be comfortable with domestic violence and die in silence. No she was simply tired of being raped and abused all the time and knows that when she comes out without an evidence, people like you will shame her so she decided to come up with an evidence because she knew the devil will do it again so she came prepared.

  6. What happened to innocent until proven guilty, I would want any man who did this to a woman to feel the full force of justices but once proven. I would hate to send someone innocent away . Let the police do there jobs and stop making your minds up til all the facts are in . If he is guilty then by all means, string him up by his balls

  7. It is not Fair on my side about the allegations made on Greenwood but let wait and see but we pray for both Greenwood and Harriet

  8. Some insensitive comments on here attempting to defend the indefensible.
    Prediction- Mason Greenwood’s career at United is over. He will never play for the club again.

  9. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of ass clowns in my life…1st it was an audio…2nd she could have had her back to him and just started to record and you didn’t hear it all…I hope every one of you defending him have a family member go through this and see how you feel…I hope he goes to jail and that sweet little boy gets his hole wrecked.

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