Manchester United fans love star for apparent social media dig at arrested teammate Mason Greenwood

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Manchester United supporters and fans from the wider football community are heralding Marcus Rashford as they’re convinced that the national hero has aimed a dig at arrested teammate Mason Greenwood on social media.

The Athletic reported earlier today that police have been granted additional time to speak to Greenwood, who was arrested on Sunday afternoon and was still being held in custody at the time of writing. The 20-year-old is being held on suspicion of rape and sexual assault which appeared to be captured by an Instagram story shared by the forward’s girlfriend, Harriet Robson on Sunday.

Rashford also recently joined other United stars in unfollowing Greenwood on Instagram after brave Harriet shared a harrowing account of how she’s been treated on social media.

Today, Rashford, who is one of many Premier League stars enjoying a winter break owing to international duty for Africans, South Americans and those from Asia and the Oceanic area, took to Instagram to officially share that he has rekindled his romance with Lucia Loi.

Some fans believe that the timing of the post resembles a dig at Greenwood, amid the criminal proceeding he is facing. Rashford shared some beautiful pictures of himself and Lucia, as well as pal Jesse Lingard with the caption ‘through thick and thin’.

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Take a look at how some of the Man United faithful and other fans have reacted to Rashford’s post:

We can all only hope that Manchester United do the right thing once the legal proceedings are concluded and that the victim in all of this receives all the support available to her to overcome a sickening experience.

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  1. I spent quite a few years as a crime journalist and in this situation everybody is innocent unless facts and evidence prove the person guilty. And this applies to every person. However, when celebrities are involved, things get a little more complicated because where money is involved some people will do anything, even at times hurt themselves to report a fictitious attack on their person by a Mr X.
    What questions journalists would or should be asking before being the judge the jury and executioners are the following.

    From what I read Greenwood and his girlfriend have been together since prep school. From what her father said indicates that this was a first time such an aggression happened, otherwise he would have said something like, he was not surprised. Usually an attack like this would not have been a first time, not when a relationship had been ongoing for so long. So if one assumes Mason had been regularly battering her, why hadn’t she reported this before? Why now and in the way she did on social media? Could this be more like some kind of retribution, an act of vindictiveness to ruin the player’s reputation. Could she have been blackmailing him for financial gain?

    Now we come to the obvious. Why was Greenwood’s girlfriend recording this alleged attack? Did she know it was coming because I cannot imagine it was a spontaneous inspiration. How a girl under a vicious attack be thinking of grabbing her mobile at such a time when she was under attack. I’m sure she didn’t ask him to stop telling Mason assailant “Please wait so I can record this!”

    Then the strangest thing of all, why did she choose to post a picture of a cut on her lip and bruises on her legs and the audio recording, instead of calling 911? Did she make an official police report immediately after the attack and attempted rape? Is there a medical report that confirms the injuries sustained from the alleged beating and attempted rape? Did forensic experts take finger prints to match with those of the assailant? Did the medical report confirm there had been an attempted rape – usually such attempts would result on bruises on the inside of the thighs.

    As a crime reporter, I feel the above questions will all have to be answered in a criminal court of law, and the answers confirm the accusations made by this ‘brave young woman’ then Mason is guilty. One thing for sure, someone who has been beaten to a pulp and raped is usually so traumatized that I know for a fact will not have the presence of mind to do anything except sit in a corner and call for help, never mind posting anything on instagram or social media.

    There are more questions: I also read that for a time Mason and his girlfriend had broken up and came back together again in 2020 during Covid. Was it Greenwood who broke up with her? If it was he who broke up and his girlfriend who wanted to make up, then this begs the question, did she have an ulterior motif to fix their relationship, perhaps the fact he is a millionaire and great future and prospects?

    I am acting here like any investigative journalist because from years of experience investigating unexplained murders and sexual abuse, many times, things did not turn out as they seemed at first glance. My advice stop judging people until the law courts establish the facts.

    And by the way, I noted in all the comments I’ve seen that people have this total misconception, it’s only women that get abused by men. Completely false! I have come across hundreds of men abused by their wives or girlfriends, both physically, mentally and sexually. Thing is men are too proud to admit this and never report this crime to the police. They feel ashamed to say they fear their wives like the plague and would never even dream of standing up in a court of law to make public statements which eventually could be picked up by reporters or journalists even neighbours and spread on social media and possibly newspapers! So, this kind of abuse remains undercover and dies with them.

    One thing for sure because many people were questioning why Mason was awarded bail. First and foremost this does not mean he is off the hook – far from it and secondly he was bailed out by his lawyer because the police do not have any solid evidence to prove he assaulted his girlfriend and actually raped her. If they had such evidence, they will arrest him, charge him and take him in front of a magistrate so the charges will then be further processed both by the prosecution and the defense lawyers. Until then, we all have to wait and refrain ourselves from judging the man.

    The problem is that if he is proved to be innocent, his reputation would still have been denigrated by false accusations and could have its toll even on his career. In that case his girlfriend would be in trouble because as sure as God is in heaven Mason’s lawyers will recommend he sues her for defamation which could result in millions of sterling and possibly jail time. The audio and pictures she posted were deleted – did she do that because of what I just said, or did the administration of the social media remove it because they know that that could have been the work of a very capable computer guru who could show the Queen of England dancing naked in front of Buckingham Palace?

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