More bad news for Mason Greenwood in light of alleged rape and assault

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It’s been a tumultuous couple of days for Manchester United youngster Mason Greenwood.

Disturbing images and audio were released over the weekend, alleging that the player raped and assaulted his girlfriend.

He was subsequently arrested by Greater Manchester Police, and he remains in custody, per The Telegraph, as the force continue their enquiries.

The outcome to those enquiries will be known in due course, but in the meantime, there has been plenty of distance put between him and his sponsors.

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The Daily Mail’s Chris Wheeler noted in a tweet that Nike have formally suspended their sponsorship, which suggests that regardless of the outcome of the police enquiries, they will eventually permanently withdraw from their association.

If the allegations are proven, then any other associations, for example with Manchester United themselves and with the national team, are also likely to be broken.

Clearly, there is a due legal process to take place before any decisions are made.

Ralf Rangnick will also not be able to count on him after United suspended him from all football related activities, pending the outcome of the investigation.

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  1. Disgraceful article… appears only to have sympathy with a violent rapist…. “hugely troubling time for an incredibly talented young player.” Who cares !

    1. Let’s get the story first. The world condemns before getting the whole story, does the law too? How long has this been going on? The parents never noticed?

    2. Who needs due process when you obviously know what happened? He may be guilty, he may not – that’s what the legal system is for. Until then I’d suggest you keep your unsubstantiated accusations to yourself.

  2. While violence of any kind must not be condoned, especially one of rape and assault of a loved one, we cannot pass judgment without knowing all the facts. Even a purported murderer is given a fair trial before judgment is passed, so Mason Greenwood needs to be given a fair trial before judgment can be passed.

  3. That is what people to be successful goes through, being a pro you are partabled by everyone who does not like you,by the way did that incident happen on saturday if he was arrested on saturday if not there is a big force behind that lady to destroy manson, lets pray for him.

  4. if its true god help him his career is over for such a young talent now we hear that her phone could have been hacked if its true then theres a doubt about the whole thing or we would like to know where did all the bruises come from and the marks and the blood

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