Raith Rovers score huge own goal with statement justifying signing convicted rapist David Goodwillie

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Scottish football club, Raith Rovers, have scored a huge own goal with an official statement justifying their signing of convicted rapist, David Goodwillie.

It was confirmed on Monday that the player would return to the club, and as The Guardian report, that saw the immediate resignation of their women’s team captain, as well as their shirt sponsor, the author Val McDermid, withdrawing her patronage of the club.

It seems many other employees and supporters of the club will follow suit given the controversial nature of the hire.

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On Tuesday, rather than taking a concilliatory tone or even dispensing with Goodwillie’s services entirely, the club doubled down on their decision and even attempted to justify it as a football-related decision, as well as noting their belief in rehabilitation in their official statement.

The club also attempted to sweep the matter under the carpet by suggesting that as Goodwillie had played for the club before, that they consider the striker as part of the club.

Given the various movements aimed at making women feel safer in this day and age, and of which #HerGameToo is a groundbreaker within football, Raith’s attitude is regrettable at best.

There is sure to be further fallout from such a decision, and it’s hard to imagine supporters of other clubs will be backwards in coming forwards to remind Goodwillie of his disgusting past.

It’s a shameful day for Scottish football and for Raith Rovers in particular.

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