Harriet Robson shares first social media message since arrest of Mason Greenwood on suspicion of rape

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Harriet Robson, widely known as the girlfriend of Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood, has shared her first post to social media since activity from her account led to the arrest of the England international.

On Sunday, posts from Robson’s Instagram account alleged domestic abuse and apparent rape via some heartbreaking pictures and a harrowing audio recording.

Images of a bleeding, beaten and bruised Robson were shared to her Instagram account, as well as a story post of an audio recording in which it appears to be heard that someone is forcibly demanding sex against her will.

Greenwood was arrested later that day, as per BBC News, initially on suspicion of rape and sexual assault, but later also held on allegations of assault and threats to kill before his release on bail on Wednesday.

Robson has now shared a message to her Instagram page, expressing how ‘grateful’ she is for the ‘support and encouragement’ she has received in the last few days.

The model adds that she will be taking a break from social media whilst the police continue their investigations.

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The update from Harriet can also be read below:

“I’m grateful to everyone that has sent messages of support and encouragement – thank you. The last few days have been very difficult and I’m taking a break from social media while the police make their investigations.”

BBC News note that Greenwood has been removed from FIFA 22 following the allegations, whilst Nike have suspended their relationship with the 20-year-old, who has now been removed from the first-team squad section of the official Manchester United app.


  1. I really feel for greenwood. Mistakes and relationship violets are not meant to ruin someone’s life.God is on the look Mason

      1. alleged ? i think u missed a word , while he may well be guilty of everything he’s accused of the benefit of the doubt must be given

    1. Feel sorry for him? I know BLM n all that is pretty popular right now but doesn’t excuse him from rape and abuse does it?

    2. How can you feel for someone who does that to a woman?? Forces sex onto his girlfriend, beats her? You’ve got to be joking how can you even justify what he’s done..

    3. Idiots like you are the reason women don’t speak up. More worried about your clubs players than the disgusting offence he has committed. Anyone who supports him is just like him

      1. Rival fans revelling in this while there girlfriends sit at home petrified it’s gonna happen to them….

      2. And girls like you destroy the bright future we men have by stating unreasonable allegations for attention and fame and pity from other people,,,,let the truth be revealed so that we know what kind of species you women are

      3. I didn’t know he had gone to trial and been proven guilty? I must have missed it I thought he had only been accused of rape?

    4. Are you on drugs. He can’t do what he wants, when he wants, to who he wants. TBH I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. Young men given thousands of pounds a week, not a year, are not used to being told “NO”.

    5. God have mercy on Greenwood, he is a young man.
      Do not destroy his career.
      We all made mistakes when we were young.

  2. Mason Greenwood is no doubt, an unbeatable talent but needs a psychologist to help smoothen his rough edges.

    1. I agree and no one’s gonna be objective about this, what’s gonna happen to him for these crimes is not gonna be fair justice. And let me tell you, because of social media, my guess is that she’s gonna be a wounded soldier n awful victim for the rest of her life n that’s not fair either.
      20 years of age, genius & with the world at his feet but for seriously poor emotion intelligence. That’s a nurture problem. If he was older like the other nonses, I throw the book at him but this destroys not only her, her family n friends but many others. It’s a catastrophe but hopefully some decent debate comes out of it. My guess there’s to many people that can’t simply debate but witch hunt..

      1. Ifs if true what he has done he’s an adult multi millionaire- he is no different where the law applies than me or you. Shameful comment you make

    2. he may be a ‘promising’ footballer (certainly not an unbeatable talent) but the offences in question are not ‘rough edges’ they are utter lowlife

    1. Are you people nuts? He is a rapist and an abuser! He should rot in prison not have therapy or forgiveness ffs

    2. If two people are considered in a “relationship”, they should sort anything between them considered sexual privately. It’s not like the sexual element is beyond what they’d normally do. Inconsiderate if one person pushes the other to act. But is it beyond something they freely do?

      She’s not a Virgin and she’s not kidnapped etc. The dog you feed can bite the hand. Clear physical abuse should be determined by authority, but posting allegation to the public should get her a right off.

  3. No doubt that greenwood has done something that is completely unacceptable but he’s young enough and knows how much trouble he’s got into that he can learn from his mistakes and with some help he can turn a new leaf and get his life back together

  4. What sort of sick people think ge should be forgiven I pray your mothers sisters daughters never have to go through what this poor girl has went through because I bet the people sticking up for him would certainly feel different if it was there own but then again probably not because you obviously condone this kind of behavior

    1. Who told you, that’s a poor girl……When green is pouring money on her, are you there? Man gonna work and come back home to spend money on her…….Why we the girl not allow green for his right?……Before green we be back the girl should get out from green house……In fact the girl is after green money…..So stop this your silly, comments.

  5. If he is found guilty of rape and assault of a young girl then I am sorry they are not “rough edges” that need to be smoothed out, that is an evil individual who has no place in society.

      1. Have you ever been raped and beaten by a man?? I have and let me tell you, the last thing I would do is post pictures on social media!! Hospital is the first place you go, not look for sympathy and ruin somebody’s life on the internet 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ It’s all “alleged” , I could not believe anyone who “supposedly “ went through what I did would casually post pictures on the internet…. Something’s just not right here.

        1. there speaks the voice of reason!! Well said!! Seen loads of stuff online suggesting she regrets posting it all now and he realises that he could have completely screwed his career. Both as bad as each other!! I hope all parties involved will see this for what it obviously was and that both can move forward with their lives lesson learnt!!

  6. As a dv survivor, I hope through all the media circus, that dv is highlighted. The bs media never mention 3 women a week are killed in uk. The process is harrowing enough without the glare of publicity. The whole process is a shambles, laws, funding, a complete understanding of abuse and it’s implications are needed,mentally emotionally and financially . This takes longer.

  7. Cant believe some people are defending him those people need a good slap to knock some sence into them wtf can’t believe some of the comments I’ve just read i hope he never plays football again and has his life ruined because thats what the scumbag deserves

    1. and if this turns out to be some elaborate scam to ruin him because he dumped her or something , what then? his career is still ruined people will never believe he is innocent come what may , things like this polarize people far too quickly , unless evidence exists that is irrefutable you cant have polar conclusions like what your spouting out , and I’m not defending him either if he is in fact guilty then yes throw the book at him

  8. If you in any way try to condone his actions then seriously have a look at yourself. And any of your partners should RUN!
    I am absolutely dumbfounded that any excuse could be given for the behaviour of a grown adult who knows right from wrong.
    Hope this young woman gets justice and now knows her worth

  9. I’m guessing this is a misguided attempt at humour and/or attention seeking ploy?

    Very bad form – show some class!

  10. some people seem to forget innocent until proven guilty , if he’s done what he is being accused of then throw the book at him then but for now , you cant say for certain 1 way or the other , unless you were there and witnessed the incident/s

  11. I think the clubs and managers need to look at how they bring these young players on and take some responsibility. All that money and surrounded by people who tell them they are God like. Bet its been a long time since someone has told him no. No wonder they think that they can take what they want and that there is no consequence. He deserves everything he gets if he is found guilty and I suspect he will be.

  12. seeing the photos and now listening to the recording for the 1st time a couple of things spring to mind , if i had cracked someone in the jaw to cause that much blood spillage there would definitely be blood on the persons teeth , and secondly if i was in a relationship with someone for 2 years like they have supposed to have been , i wouldn’t be using the persons name that deep into a relationship , been married 11 years now have not called my wife by her 1st name in 10 years and like wise she uses my pet name when she calls me too , none of this is conclusive mind and he is probably guilty of everything he is being accused of but , it does seem a little weird

  13. No man should put there hands on any women no matter he’s know different lock him up shouldn’t be even out on bail see money does do things

  14. if he is truly found guilty then he deserved to be punished but, until then he is innocent. i remember a guy who spent 25yrs in prison for false accusation and it was later found that the girl lied

  15. FFS, people are amaking up excuses for him already. As if this was all a complex vendetta to ruin a young man’s career. Yeah, right, that’s more likely than her story.

    Rape is not “rough edges”. Beating up someone who is supposed to feel safe in your company is not something to be excused by a little bit of hardship.

    Oh, and of course these excuses come from men mostly. If not entirely.

    You all need to ask yourself: what if this was your sister and some filthy-rich boy beat her up and try to rape her. Because he never learned to accept a no because he’s a talented footballer. Would you be as quick typing some heinous crap about how you feel for the boy? Eff u. All of u. You are not worthy of ever having a good relationship ever.

  16. That shit men Harriet I remember you posted something bad on Jesus Christ believe me you will regret much than this

  17. Who told you, that’s a poor girl……When green is pouring money on her, are you there? Man gonna work and come back home to spend money on her…….Why we the girl not allow green for his right?……Before green we be back the girl should get out from green house……In fact the girl is after green money…..So stop this your silly, comments.

  18. Full of simps, man hating men and fems on here!

    He hasn’t even been charged yet never mind found guilty at trial you lowlifes!

    Is it coz he’s black or a man or both?

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