Boro goal was not accidental handball and Man United should be aggrieved says former top EPL ref

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Yet again after a game, managers, players and supporters are debating the issues surrounding poor application of the laws by the officials.

Rather than concentrate on what was a brilliant away performance from Middlesbrough, all of the talk is likely to remain on the contentious decision that allowed the visitors to equalise against Manchester United in Friday night’s FA Cup tie.

In the lead up to the goal, the ball clearly hits Watmore’s hand, with his arm in an unnatural position.

However, it appears that VAR has adjudged it to be ok under the new application of the handball law.

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That was likely the reason why on-pitch official, Anthony Taylor, wasn’t asked to look at the monitor, a decision which has infuriated former Premier League official, Mark Halsey.

“You can argue that the arm is so removed from the body, the ball is controlled by the arm contact, it is not accidental !” he told CaughtOffside.

“Why wasn’t Anthony sent to the monitor for such a subjective call?

“The business about the law changing for handball prior to a goal is a red herring! That clause is meant for accidental only.”

When viewed in real time, even before the addition of the many slow motion replays that VAR would’ve had time to pore over, it’s blindingly obvious that an offence has been committed.

Manchester United will have every right to feel aggrieved, albeit they really should’ve done much, much better with their finishing.

Had Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes scored with their opportunities, the goal incident would hardly have raised an eyebrow.

It would’ve been a talking point yes, but not the talking point.

So, it’s back to the drawing board for Ralf Rangnick and his underperforming bunch of stars, and another nail in the coffin of the PGMOL, whose officials continue to be not fit for purpose.

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  1. Sincerelly speaking Man utd are not playing very well this season,iam man utd fans but the truth is that we have good players but they are not playing with heart like previous man utd players, from Ahmed Best Minjibir, kano state of nigeria

  2. What a disgrace it was a definate handball and the ref plus whoever was on VAR should be fined and suspended.
    As far as the game itself another poor selection. Keep playing the likes of Fred who is useless then be prepared to finish in the bottom half. The likes of Ronaldo, Fernandez, Rashford and Elanga need a wake up call they missed absolute sitters and regularly.
    The best player was McTominay . Pogba on return had a good game until replaced by FRED . The back rank didn’t fair to badly.
    The new interim manager not the best choice .

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