Lawyers reveal Manchester United would struggle to sack Mason Greenwood amid abuse allegations

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Manchester United would struggle to sack disgraced forward Mason Greenwood without a confession, it has been revealed. 

Following allegations that Greenwood abused his former partner which saw audio and images released online, Man United announced Greenwood would not play, or train, for the club until further notice. The Englishman was arrested by Police but has since been released on bail.

And while United have not yet gone so far as to officially suspend the player while they allow the legal process to take place, sacking the player has likely come under consideration.

However, it has been revealed by lawyers that sacking Greenwood would prove difficult without an admission of guilt.

Speaking to The Athletic on the matter, John Mehrzad QC said: “I don’t think they have enough to sack him unless he makes an admission. If he denies the allegations, it all turns on a trial.”

United could in theory move to officially suspend the player, but under Premier League contractual rules aligned with the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) they would only be able to do this for 14 days.

Mehrzhad, who is also a common member of sports arbitration panels, added: “United can plainly reach a settlement agreement with him to terminate pre-trial but I cannot see that happening.

“It would be terrible PR for United to pay off a player facing such allegations, and why would he agree to it when he continues to be paid and no other club will touch him unless the allegations are dropped or he is acquitted?”

David Seligman, an associate with Brandsmiths law firm elaborated on this further, saying: “If they decide to sack him, because, from a PR perspective, it’s what they should do, the player has seven days to appeal.

“Once you put the appeal in, the sacking is put on hold. Then it goes to an arbitration tribunal, which decides whether the sacking is justified. If the sacking is justified, the player is sacked. If not, the player is reinstated.”

20-year-old Greenwood had made 129 appearances for the United first team, scoring 35 goals and becoming the club’s leading scorer for teenagers in the Premier League.

However, he added an important counter-point to this, stating: “Not being charged with a criminal offence isn’t necessarily a free pass for Greenwood.

“The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will only charge you if they think they can convict you to the criminal standard of proof — beyond reasonable doubt. Whereas you can terminate a contract on the balance of probabilities. A club could form an argument for termination.”

It is a tricky legal situation for all those involved, and all we can do is hope the legal process concludes in the appropriate implementation of justice.

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  1. Why should United sack Greenwood? Have City sacked Mendy? No, and why? Because both players are like every other person living in the UK, innocent until PROVEN guilty. In the end if Greenwood isn’t convicted it still might be in his best interest to move abroad to continue his career as he won’t be given a fair crack of the whip by the British media or opposition fans. The players who have abandoned Greenwood on social media should be ashamed of themselves for their actions means they are judging him before the judicial system has a chance to do their job. Would they like to judged on what is yet to be proven.

      1. I understand your point. But have you thought of wrong accusations?

        He is not guilty until the court does that.

    1. The judicial system and the court of public opinion are two different things. Absolutely, he deserves a fair trial but come on now ? The images and audio are beyond damning and he hasn’t even attempted to deny the accusations. I know if I was in Greenwoods position and was innocent I’d be shouting it from the rooftops but alas, no such protestations of innocence. I know what my eyes and ears tell me and what I saw and heard sickened me, as someone who is a diehard United fan who believed Greenwood was heading for the very top of the game I wish it wasn’t true but it clearly is and he deserves everything coming his way.

      1. Having served many years in The Police Service and having dealings with incidents such as this . I most certainly would be looking to Charge Greenwood. I would establish that the Audio Voice was his and obtain supporting statements regarding the facts. Should A prima Facia case be established I would charge him. It appears it is not one assault it is many.Manchester United are a club with integrity with a very long History of disciplined players who would and have died for the club. Disrespectful behaviour as Greenwood has shown should not be tolerated. No player is bigger than the club.

    2. The players have every right to distance themselves. If you knew someone close to you did something harmful to another person, you’d hopefully make your own opinion, not wait for the court to decide. Innocent in the eyes of the law, does not mean innocent in the fact.

    3. You should be ashamed of yourself and not the players that you are accusing of abandoned Greenwood. Did you knew their relationships that they were having with Greenwood the incident Mr hypocrisy? Please Mr pretended do not drag CR7 in to this matter. He is our hero and a world class player. Cr7 deserves some respects. Otherwise iam coming after you. Trust me!!!!

  2. I believe if mason greenwood was innocent he would have made a statement to the media by now ??? these are serious accusations..

  3. Give the young man a chance to defend himself against the allegations. Im sure his legal team is advising him appropriately

  4. Manson Greenwood should just come out and apologize to his former partner and the public; marital fights are as common as lovers walking together: you may find the woman has ever abused him even more times than he has done, only that being a man he contains it to avoid public shame. Let not judge him, he needs advise.

  5. There’s no excuse about sacking. Once you are on trial for criminal offence, you should resign from the club till the verdict is given by the court. You cannot bring or drag along your club to involve in your personal problem.

  6. I understand your point. But have you thought of wrong accusations?

    He is not guilty until the court does that.

  7. am very sori for mason greenwood just its may be that the partner just played a game on him in order to spoil his feature and his careers no matter what happend I would also consider the partner for that act

  8. What if what the girl shared is not real? What if it was make up? What if she’s trying to kill his career for leaving her? So both Greenwood and the ex girl friend are innocent until proven guilt.

  9. No matter what it is, the Club was supposed to stand by him and not leaving him to battle it all alone, Manchester United is no longer united, everything is now upside down

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