Aren’t Nike jumping the gun with their treatment of Man United’s Mason Greenwood?

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When the news was leaked about an alleged assault and rape on Harriet Robson, it wasn’t long before Mason Greenwood’s name was mud on social media, in football grounds and homes everywhere.

The young Manchester United star was subsequently arrested and spent three nights in police cells before being released on bail.

That part of the story appears to have been neatly glossed over.

He was released.

Without charge.

The nature of any potential future charges against him are severe, and anyone that would’ve heard the audio or seen the images on social media would almost certainly have made up their minds that the player is guilty.

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However, that’s a dangerous position to be taking.

Regardless of what has already been seen and heard, the player remains innocent until proven guilty.

Mason Greenwood

That might not sit right with the majority of people, but the rule of law in England can’t be dismissed just because the masses want to seemingly right a alleged wrong.

Manchester United have suspended Greenwood until further notice but, importantly, haven’t sacked him.

His boot sponsors, Nike, however, have cut all ties with him.

According to The Athletic, a Nike spokesperson said “Mason Greenwood is no longer a Nike athlete”.

That suggests the footwear and apparel giant have already made their minds up about whether Greenwood is guilty or not, before he has been charged with any alleged offence.

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  1. i agree with all in this article , many wont , i have my views on it too , but one thing that is really bothering me know is the silence and media blackout coming from greenwoods side , unless he’s been unequivocally told to say nothing to anyone , his silence on the matter only serves to make him seem guilty , if he’s not then why hasn’t he come out a publicly slammed her for lying ?

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