Former Chelsea club doctor calls for action against West Ham’s Kurt Zouma for cat-kicking video

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Former Chelsea first-team doctor Eva Carneiro has weighed in on the controversy surrounding West Ham defender Kurt Zouma today.

The France international is making headlines for all the wrong reasons at the moment after a video emerged online showing him kicking and slapping his pet cat at home in front of his kids, and seemingly relishing having it filmed on camera.

Unsurprisingly, Zouma has been criticised widely for his shocking behaviour, and it now seems a former Chelsea staff member is getting involved by calling for action to be taken against the ex-Blue.

So far, the 27-year-old has apologised for his actions and has been condemned by his club and the RSPCA, but Carneiro has tweeted that that’s not enough…

It’s certainly unpleasant to see Zouma treating an innocent animal this way, and West Ham surely have to think very hard here about Zouma’s role in their first-team after this.

Zouma joined the Hammers from Chelsea in the summer and has performed well at the London Stadium, though there is no defending what he’s done here.

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  1. Scum simples.
    Not fit as a father. To act in such a way in front of children.
    Should be made to pay one weeks wages to a cat shelter.

  2. Just because you are wealthy you think the law doesn’t apply to you when you are caught out you try to pay your way out of it and say how sorry you are no one buys this you are a scum bag most people treat there cats like family

  3. He is nothing but a monster what else has he done to those poor cats ,as far as I am concerned he should be locked up for years ,and his brother ,both complete wastes of space ,at least Dagenham have dropped the brother indefinitely, West Ham obviously don’t care ,David Moyes is an idiot as well ,he should not allow the monster to play at all ,dont they see that the public are outraged by the monsters behaviour ,shame on them

  4. Hes one sick individual to harm innocent animals, and to show his kids this despicable behaviour is ok, really needs looking into by child protection, hes not fit to have animals or kids, he really needs to be made accountable.
    What sort of example is he showing to young football fans out there, disgusting low life excuse for a man

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