Pundit claims West Ham defender might not play in the Premier League again

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Former Premier League striker Gabriel Agbonlahor has claimed that West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma might have played his last game in the Premier League. 

The pundit, who made over 300 Premier League appearances for Aston Villa, made the claims following the update surrounding the situation of the French defender after videos emerged online of him appearing to abuse his two cats.

Agbonlahor told Foobtall Insider: “He’s done for the season and I can’t see him playing again in the Premier League.

“West Ham will be thinking they can’t play him. It will effect the team and it will be hostile. There has got to be a big punishment for what he has done.”

Zouma has come under fierce criticism from media, fans and pundits after his actions, seeing him lose his sponsorship deal with Adidas and also fined two weeks wages by West Ham.

However, despite the backlash, David Moyes opted to include Zouma in his sides starting xi in their 1-0 win over Watford in midweek, a game which saw Jarrod Bowen score the winner with the help of a wicked deflection.

Zouma has so far appeared 16 times for The Hammers since his summer transfer from London rivals Chelsea, with a hamstring injury in December cutting the number of games he could appear in down from what would have likely been almost every game in the period.

Moyes has also indiacted Zouma is available for West Ham’s Sunday visit to Leicester City.

You can watch his press conference below.

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  1. Why can’t he play, did he kill a human or a rat. Just a mistake as a human. You guys are making things so difficult and getting it wrong too. Let focus on the real thing, racism.

    1. Again and again and again. The WHITE woman who hit a Horse got sacked. Would it have happened if she was Black.

    2. This has nothing to do with racism it’s animal cruelty totally different saying it’s racism is just inciting hostility it’s ANIMAl CRUELTY

    3. Why is everything about racism. That’s a load of 💩. This is about animal cruelty. Stop using the race card!

    4. How long has he been doing this for his own entertainment he wouldn’t have been caught if his stupid brother hadn’t filmed him and put it on TicTok so glad he did though they deserve everything that’s coming to them

    5. It was not a mistake , it goes to show the man is mentally unstable, put your race card back in your wallet.

      1. I’m totally baffled why racism is being blamed I don’t give a damn if your black , white or bloody purple Zouma along with his family are nasty cruel animal abusers and To publicly put this on social media for “fun” is unacceptable behaviour I’m saddened that there are people in this day and age who are trying to justify what they did , there is a difference between farming animals for food and being downright cruel in public (arrogance comes to mind !)

    6. Wow really this guy is a role model and behaving like that and u think he should play your part of the problem mate I hope you haven’t got kids your a disgrace of a human to side with him should be banned for at least a year yes everyone deserves a second chance so after should be then supported by he’s fans this should included 6 months inside and commiuty serves alongside courses

    7. NOT racism at all. He has proved that he is a cruel cat hating individual and as today’s kids look up to these overpaid prima Donna footballers he should be sacked. The teacher who kicked her horse, cruel bitch, lost her job and she was white ?????

    8. No it’s nothing to do with racism he didn’t make a mistake he did what he did deliberately and laughed at it then put it on social media no mistake in my eyes he’s sorry he got caught and has to be punished

  2. Should be banned from pet ownership for life, his tiny fine is nothing to him, so banning him from football would also show that to kick any animal is a disgrace and has massive consequences. Poor show West Ham I say!

      1. NOT racism at all. He has proved that he is a cruel cat hating individual and as today’s kids look up to these overpaid prima Donna footballers he should be sacked. The teacher who kicked her horse, cruel bitch, lost her job and she was white ?????

  3. If a white person did this they would be punished just the same. The law against cruelty to animals thank God is very strict. Leave the race card alone Chip on the shoulder from when it began

  4. Animal cruelty some one shd boot him across the floor scum bag shd be prosecuted by the police and dropped by football who knows wat else he done to those poor cats behind closed doors and to laugh in front of his children while he was kicking that cat what a total scum bag!!!😡

  5. Stop playing the race card.You hurt an animal that’s that . You should be sacked. And next time pick on someone your own size. The more you get abuse for it the better. You might not do it again.

  6. Yes he would. Sack him! And this was done in front of his kids and wife so his wife must be the same. His kids will think it’s okay to do this to animals, as daddy does it 😡😡😡

  7. It’s nothing to do with racism. Stop pulling the race card. Why would you think it’s about racism. It’s about cruelty to animals!

  8. Let’s not all argue, all what’s mentioned are equally wrong and person should be punished. This chat is about animal cruelty. Zouma should be punished and never play again. What else has he done behind closed doors to those cats . Who knows . But also The West Ham manager needs to be sacked know how ppl feel, the manager is showing support for Zuoma actions. Get rid like the other football clubs have done , he’s clearly not think in the best interest of West Ham.

    1. Yvonne, wait for a moment let me ask you a question, which is cruety among the following
      Kicking an human being and just facing 3 match ban
      Biting a fellow footballer done by Suarez
      Harry Maguire issue
      Kicking a 🐈
      Using animal skins in making boots and other fabric
      Animal killing human and never being charged or punished.
      Am not supporting what Zouma did but have he not apologized?. He was punished by westham so what on earth do you want again. Say the truth, have you never committed worse things than what he did?. This is hatred of the highest order. What joy will you derive if he’s sacked and banned from playing football for the rest of his life, will his supposed salary be paid into your account?. Are you gonna pay his bills or take care of his family?. All of you calling for his head are evil and wicked. Just say all blacks should leave Europe. You’ve all killed this young lad emotionally and psychologically. It’s unfair what if you made that mistake, can you take all this harsh treatment.

      1. He is disgusting. Let the law which has just set new severe punishments deal with him, I hope they are not woke. Whatever happens to him he will always be barracked by fans so I think he has self destructed himself and his footballing career has been hit forever.

  9. All those asking what he might be doing before he got caught, do you now punish him what you think he might have done or what you have video evidence of?

    Also I would like to know what was the punishment of those that abused animals before in England.

  10. He has been punished enough. Life has to go on. By now he knows he was wrong an he can make amends to that. He did not kill the cat, why should he punished the rest of his life? If he does not play football again, he still would find means of surviving somehow and may still see cats around him, there are no cats on the football pitch. I think people, are not being empathetic. If it were them, would they have been happy to be banned forever. Let’s be realistic, whoever decides this case must be JUST, the man has been punished to the extreme already. Let’s move on or offer him animal care lessons etc. People kill animals for food even after rearing them for long times. That’s cruelty also. We need to love each other, true love. No one would want not to be forgiven. But some people are fuelling the story everyday, why? Shame, you want your fellow human to be suffering forever because of a cat. A cat that will not be complaining forever. A cat that would forgive him, Mr Zouma, given a chance.

  11. What about polo games and horse race, where the horses are constantly flogged so that it can run faster. Is that not animal cruelty

    1. 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂, don’t make me crack my Ribs Laughing. I really need Answers to this question. Human being do things oppositely, they are becoming confused everyday.

  12. I can see where you’re coming from… When God created Adam, did he not say have dominion over them. .. are you gonna say you or any of your generation never ate animal meat. You guys are going too far on this issue. Yesterday, I ate 🐈 meat with chilled palm 🍷. What you gonna sqybor do about this.

  13. what has rasism got to do with animal cruelty unless I missed the part where the cat was racially abusive to big brave Kurt Zouma you are obviously one of these clowns that use the racist card when you have done something wrong grow up

  14. What has animal cruelty got to do with racism he deserves everything he gets.
    All these people seem use the racism card everytime they do something wrong time to grow up and get on with with life.

  15. What’s the difference between kicking an animal and killing an animal and eat it. I believe animals have got the right to live but why do we kill them and eat the meat. You pay in game reserves just to hunt and kill animals. U go to lakes and rivers hooking fish do you all think that is fair. U cause injuries to fish and you smile. If we really care about animals then we must stop killing animals ©#######

  16. Omg. People saying its due to racism.smh. Absolutely nothing to do with, stop with that rubbish please. Animal abuse. Yeah I’m vegan

  17. The whole thing has been blown out of proportion— time to forget and move on— give the guy a break, he’s paid the price of his bad judgement.

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