West Ham’s Karren Brady gives Kurt Zouma the club’s full backing after horrific cat abuse

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It’s one of the most depressing stories to have come into the public domain of late.

Kurt Zouma kicking his cat like a football for laughs is repulsive in the extreme, and anyone seeking to defend the player needs to give their head a wobble.

There is no defence for putting an animal through such an ordeal and, frankly, Zouma deserves everything that’s coming to him.

Those who seek to justify his actions, that they are in some way ‘not connected’ to his employment and should therefore not be taken into account by his employers are missing the point entirely.

It shows a side to Zouma’s character that his company, in this case West Ham United, have a full right to know about. To be informed.

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Were it another human being rather than a pet, would people still be using the same excuse? No of course they wouldn’t.

Abuse is abuse, whichever way you want to spin it.

Incredibly, although Karren Brady has suggested in her column for The Sun that no one can defend Zouma, she then goes on to do exactly that.

“Our stance on this as a club has been clear from the very outset – we unreservedly condemn his actions and would never condone any form of cruelty towards animals,” she says.

“[…] He has said sorry, and has also apologised sincerely to everyone at the club and the wider public.

“And it is a journey we will fully support him on.

“West Ham United is renowned for its reputation as a family club. We care deeply about our community and the people within it.

“[…] Our values also extend to giving a second chance for those who are remorseful and want to change.

“[…] At West Ham United, the opportunity of re-education is there for anyone who genuinely wants it. And I know for certain that Kurt Zouma does.”

Suggesting that West Ham are a family club who look to forgive and rehabilitate is almost as abhorrent as Zouma’s actions.

How dare she?!

Zouma is only sorry because he was caught out. The likelihood that he’s done this before has to be considered, and the Hammers really need to take their cue from Zouma’s sponsors who have already washed their hands of him.

That’s the way abusers get dealt with, Karren.

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  1. What a terrible article… poorly written and claims to abhor abuse of any kind, yet dismisses the notion of re-education and rehabilitation? Insists ostracising the abuser is the best course of action, because “that’s the way abusers get dealt with, Karren?” This article makes me feel almost as sick as the player’s actions.

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