Premier League footballer arrested for “very serious” abuse of girlfriend with cash used to silence victim

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A mystery Premier League footballer was reportedly arrested back in 2019 for a “very serious” assault on his girlfriend.

The player is also reported to have sent her abusive messages, before silencing the victim with a big cash offer outside of court.

According to the Daily Star, “Police are said to have visited the player’s home to make the arrest back in 2019, with a five-figure sum reportedly having been negotiated outside of court to bring an end to proceedings.

“Meanwhile, police have also confirmed that they were alerted to the incident but a “community resolution” was found to end the matter.”

It remains to be seen if we’ll ever find out more about this, but it’s a worrying story emerging in the wake of the recent Mason Greenwood saga.

There have also been very serious allegations made about Cristiano Ronaldo, dating back to 2009, while Ryan Giggs was also recently detained by police for an alleged domestic abuse issue.

Founder of the Football United Against Domestic Violence campaign Teresa Parker said: “This case shows how the significant amount of power and money within football can mean that allegations of domestic abuse — or other forms of violence against women by players — are seen as issues to be managed.

“As in this case, what can happen is that every effort is taken to make what is seen as a problem go away.

“All football clubs and organisations need to have domestic abuse policies, to ensure they do not become the enablers and excusers of men who abuse their partners.”