The reason why Tottenham are unlikely to be taken over whilst Daniel Levy remains in charge

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An unexpected defeat at White Hart Lane on Sunday afternoon saw Antonio Conte lose three games in a row for the first time since 2009, and it’s not a run that the Italian will want to extend.

Tottenham have been in great form under the Italian, but the last three games have seen the same old issues resurface.

The loss of another three points is beginning to make qualifying for fourth place look a distant dream for the North Londoners.

One could point to a lack of investment in the transfer window as one major reason why Spurs are struggling at present.

Conte has kept his own counsel and answered questions diplomatically, but it’s clear that this isn’t good enough from the club.

However, there’s unlikely to be any significant cash injection until the club is taken over, and according to Football Insider, that could be some time away yet.

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“They have made Spurs very attractive to investors,” football finance expert, Kieran Maguire, is quoted as saying.

“They now have the highest-grossing stadium in the Premier League. They are also regular contenders for Champions League places, and Uefa have announced higher revenues in that competition.

“So there are lots of plus points when it comes to a sale, but there are also a couple of stumbling blocks. The first is the price, which would probably be about £2bn. So it’s very expensive.

“Also, if you’re paying that much money, you want to be able to run the club. Daniel Levy seems to want to have his cake and eat it too.”

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy

Often criticised for the way in which he keeps a tight hold of the purse strings down at the Lane, Levy is fast reaching a cross roads.

If Conte decides to walk away because he doesn’t believe his own ambitions are being mate, Spurs will be back to square one.

Moreover, the supporters will them perfectly understand their position in the grand scheme of things, if they didn’t know already.

Sooner or later Levy is going to have to pay up or get out.

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  1. The fans need to be relentless in calling for Levy and Lewis to go. If all fails we need to hit them in the wallet, stop buying merchandise and boycott games while protesting outside.
    Levy, Lewis and ENIC OUT !!

    1. It is all up to the supporters to make a strong stance against Levi, Lewis and ENIC – they simply must be PUSHED OUT. Protest in big numbers outside the stadium, boycott games and stop spending money on merchandise etc. support Conte and FIGHT against the two parasites LEVI & LEWIS.

        1. Levi was the former (late) lead singer with the Four Tops. Not to be confused with the jerk who (badly) runs Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

    2. Agree, they have killed a once beautiful football playing team in the name of greed and investment…Get the slugs out of our club

  2. I have been a supporter since I was a toddler, I’m 71 now. The club is in my blood or DNA in this modern world.

    We was the club that always had a team that played entertaining free moving football. We had quite a bit of success, first modern team to win the double, first to bring a European trophy to England, also the first British team to win a second European Cup.
    We had a few bleak times, the loss of John White was so tragic, which when were relegated in 1977 the drop just could not be classified as tragic like some quoted. I remember that last match at home in 1976/76, the team saw Leicester City off the park with a great win, we still went down, but the support from our supporters was immense, to the uneducated you’d have thought we had done the double again. We soon came back, first attempt, and a few seasons later our great team pulled off the greatest of FA Cup wins.
    I like most, took the side of Terry Venables in the dispute with the now Lord Sugar, but having now looked into so much of that period was 99% Alan Sugar was correct.

    Lord Sugar in our eyes sold off the club to the now owners, who if you look at the main sharholder is someone living out side of the UK who is reportedly to only allowed into the country without a massive tax bill. We have got to campaign and campaign heavily and hard to force a change of ownership.
    The assets of Tottenham Hotspur Football and Athletic Company Limited may belong to these days to a few over rich people, but the heart of the club is is us the supporters.
    We are the ones who have got up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning, to get to N17 to catch a coach to a grim northern city to watch our team hopefully beat the opposition. In the 60’s players directors etc. we’re taken by coach to a rail terminal for the journey and a coach waiting at the other end. Now, it’s a short trip to Stansted to fly to the Midlands and the North, so pampered.
    A friend of mine think that supporters should start up another club/team, as really we have almost suffered what Wimbledon supporters had done to them. What if we got together and form a club called Hotspur FC and I’m sure a stadium in White Hart Lane, just in N17 could be hired.
    I think we should start to get our club back, or we will end up as just tenants of a stadium for hire company.

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