Peter Crouch gives interesting goal celebration advice to Man United star Cristiano Ronaldo

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Peter Crouch has suggested that Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo should limit the amount of times he does his trademark celebration. 

In his column for the Daily Mail, Crouch says: “The key to a good celebration is not doing it too often. You don’t want anybody turning round saying: ‘Oh, here he goes again.'” After spending some time coaching in Dubai, Crouch describes how all the young kids wanted to perfect the ‘sui’ celebration, despite his best efforts to introduce them to his famous robot dance we saw glimpses of in his playing days.

Crouch’s famous robot only appeared in matches three times which he suggests is what left fans “wanting more”, due to saving them for big occasions. ‘Two metre Peter’ as he was often called, only pulled out the celebration in two England friendlies and then a final time for Stoke City, celebrating his 100th Premier League goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic “sui” celebration

Although the celebration started during his time at Real Madrid, since moving to England it’s become more prominent especially due to the English media coverage of Ronaldo. It involves him jumping in the air, spinning 180 degrees and shouting ‘SUI!’ which is often repeated by the Manchester United fanbase in an amplified manner.

The celebration originated in a friendly against Chelsea back in 2013, so despite being nearly ten years old, it’s became more popular than ever, especially with the kids of Dubai, it seems!

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