Rangers fans ready to call time on song that glorifies fascist who orchestrated campaigns of terror against Celtic and catholics

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Football rivalries can be incredibly healthy and almost tribal, however, sometimes things are taken just that little bit too far.

Atmospheres inside stadiums are never better than when both sets of supporters are getting behind their teams.

In a derby situation the sense of expectation is heightened, and that permeates the crowd who, by kick-off, are really up for the action about to be served up to them.

There are many derbies across the European leagues that could be said to invoke the greatest passions.

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AC Milan v Inter, Barcelona v Real Madrid, Bayern Munich v Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain v Marseille, Liverpool v Everton, Man United v Man City, Tottenham v Arsenal…

The list is practically endless, but the one derby where passion combines with sectarian hatred to turn a game of football into a ‘powder keg’ atmosphere is the Celtic v Rangers ‘old firm’ game.

The two appear to be sworn enemies, however, Rangers Fans For Change have now called for an end to the song ‘Billy’s Boys’ which is routinely sung by some supporters.

It glorifies the reign of terror of Billy Fullerton, a known fascist and Rangers fan whose gangs used to terrorise Catholics and Celtic supporters in Glasgow.

The passion in a strongly worded statement from the group sets down in simple terms how the song has become an embarrassment to the club, and that it should stop being sung.

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  1. Funny how this come out – annonymously, a group that has zero people who claim to be a part of it, so therefor zero accountability – right after the entire away support rose, to a man to belt it out of the 2 stands they occupied at tannadice at the weekend…

    Just sayin, coincidence I’m sure

    1. This is a PR company; nothing to do with sevco fans, but paid for by the klan klub to deflect from racist incidents committed by the sevco support, for example as witnessed at Tannadice at the weekend but studiously ignored by the national broadcaster and the rest of the Scottish mainstream media.

      Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose.

  2. I’m a celtic man but I have the greatest respect for anyone involved in this message. Let’s hope it leads to more respect amongst both sets of fans and anyone else affected by ignorance

  3. Billy boys no chance that’s what club is there for to so people can sung those songs sheer hatred for for roman catholics if it was Muslims or any other it would be stopped lawlords sing at there parties

  4. I thought the Ibrox basket of assets were proud of their fascist roots. The very ethos of the club. A tradition.

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