Chelsea fans urged to stop “completely inappropriate” behaviour by Boris Johnson

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Chelsea fans have been urged to stop chanting Roman Abramovich’s name, by the Prime Minister.

Chelsea fans have been showing their gratitude to Abramovich for everything he has done for the club. However, Boris Johnson isn’t happy with the chants. Due to the current situation between Ukraine and Russia, he believes the behaviour has to stop.

“We recognise the strength of feeling around people’s clubs but that does not excuse behaviour which is completely inappropriate at this time. I think people can show passion and support for their club without resorting to that sort of stuff,” Johnson said, through his spokesperson, as reported by Sky Sports.

Johnson has advised the fans to show support for their club, just not to the man who has ties to the leader of an invasion of Ukraine. The Russian owner has brought unprecedented success to the club, but it’s time to move on.
Johnson’s spokesperson added: “”We are open to the sale of the club, we would consider an application for a licence to allow that to happen in the right circumstances.” This is good news for Chelsea fans, with the situation of their club currently up in the air.
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