Government slams Chelsea after controversial request

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The Government has hit back at Chelsea after the London club requested their game against Middlesbrough should be played behind closed doors. 

Chelsea requested to the government that the game against Boro should be played behind closed doors for “matters of sporting integrity,” via the official Chelsea website. A spokesperson of the government has hit back, as seen in the tweet below.

The statement was a real dig at the club, hinting that they have bigger things they need to focus on. The spokesman goes on to say: “This statement threatening Middlesbrough and the rest of the football league shows they do not seem to understand the seriousness of the situation they are in, being owned by an entity that has been sanctioned because of links to a person responsible for appalling acts in Ukraine,” as reported by SportBible.

The statement from Chelsea shows a lack of understanding of the situation. They are being punished for what their owner has done in the past, so punishing Middlesbrough makes absolutely no sense.

Middlesbrough secured a home draw and deserve the chance to play in front of their fans. A home draw represents an advantage and allowing the game to be played behind closed doors takes that away.

It was never likely to be a popular request amongst Boro officials, and it’s good news to see the government not siding with the bigger club. Boro deserve their home draw in what is one of the biggest games of the season for them.



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