Martin Keown slams West Ham fans after Sevilla win

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Martin Keown has aimed a sly dig towards the West Ham fans, after their victory in the Europa League against Sevilla. 

Speaking to talkSPORT, Keown said: “I wonder whether they’ve over celebrated a little bit. For years, I’ve faced West Ham fans who thought they were at that level!”

The West Ham fans created a brilliant atmosphere which helped push the players into an excellent performance. After going 1-0 down in the first leg, to come back in extra time and win the game, was a massive achievement from the club.

The fans had a right to celebrate extravagantly, as it’s not often they find themselves competing in European competitions.

Keown did, however, give some praise to the fans and the club, saying: “Clearly, they understood it. Yeah, last night was a great night for them. It was a fantastic evening and with the support they got, the atmosphere in the stadium was great.”

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