Mohamed Salah’s Liverpool future in serious doubt due to “crazy” salary expectations

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Mohamed Salah’s Liverpool future sounds like it could be in real doubt due to differences between himself and the club in terms of salary expectations.

The Egypt international wants to stay at Anfield, but he wants a serious contract with the Reds, he’s aware he could earn “crazy” money somewhere else, according to Fabrizio Romano.

Speaking to Rio Ferdinand on Gazzetta dello Five, Romano stated that he is starting to sense that Salah may not end up signing a new deal with Liverpool.

The Merseyside giants will surely hope to turn this around, but it doesn’t sound too optimistic at the moment, with Romano noting that the club are eager not to disrupt their current wage structure…

Liverpool would do well not to steer away from what has been such a successful strategy for them, but at the same time it seems like Salah is a good enough player to throw away the rulebook for.

The former Roma man has been absolutely sensational since joining Liverpool back in 2017, and it’s hard to imagine they’d easily find a replacement without spending a fortune anyway, so why not put that money into giving him the wages he wants?

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  1. How would all the players, including the spine of our team, Alisson, Van Dijk, Fabinho (Alexander-Arnold and Henderson) feel, having all committed their long term futures to us last summer, if Salah is given a wage structure busting salary?

    Why not accept being the highest paid player at the club (even if not on £300k+ a week), and go on and cement himself as a bona fide Liverpool legend.

    1. Exactly. A lot of the problem are the greedy agents that always want more of the pie. Salah was nobody at Chelsea,somebody at Roma and a megastar at LFC. He says he wants to stay but yet wants an astronomical amount of money. There is NO loyalty anymore.
      Doesn’t he see what happened to most LFC stars when they left??? They mostly became insignificant and benchwarmers.

    2. Because he could earn probably another £150k at a bigger club 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    1. Agents speak for an act on behalf of players.
      The player is the master, the agent is his messenger.
      The agent represents the player.
      The action of the agent binds the player only when the player does not repudiate the action of his agent.
      It is crass dumb to blame agent for greedy demands of their principals.

  2. If Salah leaves Liverpool, he’s finished. He cannot get that number in a lot of teams.
    At best, Liverpool should give him a 260k contract so as to maintain harmony in the wage structure of the team

  3. IS Liverpool making money , yes , is Liverpool making loads of money , yes . is the owners cheap , yes . the best player in the league for the last four years is not even in the top 15 / 20 high paid. Owners are greedy simple. when was the last time Liverpool was top 3 in the league for four / five consecutive years cause their best players always wanted to leave. if all business let us stop the loyalty talk . OWNERS making billions .

  4. He is actually going off the boil as we speak anyway. Yes, he’s still fantastic but this uncertainty is only going to affect him more as time goes on and only in a negative manner.
    I reckon the best strategy will be to sell him at the end of this season and use the mega money he will bring to get someone else. The team itself has proven that he’s not absolutely essential. I know he wants to stay and if his agent wasn’t so greedy it would have already been a done deal with him committing to Liverpool and being in the best mental shape for the rest of his career.
    Let him go now, get some money in for him and continue to build on the brilliance that remains.

  5. I think it’s a straight forward issue if Salah’s wage demand is out of the structured books of Liverpool. In the sense that, Liverpool will thrive without Salah (though he’s such an important figure in the equation) but Salah needed much to be what and who he is now.

    There’re two things at stake in this contract standoff, personal and individual interest, and a collective and future of the group interest.
    And since the success of the individual thrives on the wellbeing of the group, Liverpool are not going to throw away their principles.
    Game over for the Egyptian king at the end of his contract at Liverpool.
    Unless compromise and sacrifices take precedence.

  6. I believe Its about appreciation than money to Salah.

    How he would be one of the best players in the world and is being paid less than Pogba fir example!!

    Liverpool management should seal the deal and help him continue his dream to be the best in the world

  7. Please let salah be given the salary he wants and keep him at the club with the long extended contract we don’t need of been regretting after losing him to another clubs.

  8. He’s the best player at the club by some distance. He deserves the money. Without him no champions league trophy and no chance of winning the league this season. Sure other players will ask for more. Moving his on is gamble.

    From Salah’s point of view, he isn’t asking for silly money. If the club don’t value him enough to pay it, go to a bigger club that will. Simple

  9. if vandyke gets 230,000 sallah should get atleast 275,000 then he could be offered bonuses of if he scores over 20 goals he gets another wedge if he assist’s say 30 goal’s he get’s another bonus if he helps win the champions league and other things he get’s bonuses

    1. I’ve been saying that for ages. Give him a basic salary of 300k, then give him incentives which aren’t ridiculous to get. Another million for 10 league goals. 2 million for 20 league goals. 3 million if he gets 30 goals in all comps. And another million if he gets at least 10 assists. More money for every trophy won and before you know it, if he keeps at his best, he could be getting at least 20 million a year.

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