Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin says excessive focus on Russia-Ukraine war is “racist”

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Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has made some controversial comments about the way the media focuses on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

The Spain international, who is currently on loan at Real Betis for the 2021/22 campaign, believes it’s “racist” to focus so much more on this particular conflict when other wars have not had the same kind of emotional impact.

“It is quite difficult to see that we are more interested in this war than in others,” Bellerin told La Media Inglesa.

“I don’t know if it is because they are more like us or because the conflict can affect us more directly both economically and in terms of refugees.

“The Palestinian war has been completely silenced, no one speaks about it.

Hector Bellerin in action for Real Betis

“Yemen, Iraq… now Russia not being able to play in the World Cup is something that other countries have faced for many years.

“It’s racist to have turned a blind eye to other conflicts and now to have this position.

“It also reflects a lack of empathy for the number of lives lost in many conflicts and we are prioritising those that are near to us.”

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  1. What a f***ing moron! “Palestinian war”? There is no “Palestinian war”! In fact, there is no such thing as “Palestinian”. They are not found in the bible. They are a fabrication of Yasir Arafat, they’re simply nomadic, Arab, Bedouins. Used by anti-Semites like this douche to pander and virtue signal his bona fides as a woke, bleeding heart, Marxist. STFU and play your half-assed brand of football. This idiot is huffing to much Nitrous!

    1. Goodness me. Right wing bigots aren’t mentioned in the Bible either. But its evident they exist. I’m almost tempted to wonder where your funding comes from.

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