Exclusive: Super Agent claims Everton owner deliberately worked on favourable dealings with Brazilian agent

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Super Agent Rob Segal has revealed that Everton owner Farhad Moshiri has deliberately worked on favourable dealings with one agent.

Many of Everton’s problems in recent years have been on the pitch, but the majority of these issues have stemmed from above. Moshiri provided immense financial backing for Everton Football Club, but unfortunately, some of his decisions have cost them in the long run.

Despite Everton previously having a knowledgeable, experienced Director of Football supposedly handling the transfers, the vast majority of decisions were out of his hands.

“Everton for example, let’s make no bones about this – The reason Everton is in such a mess is because of their owner. Everton had people, well-respected footballing people, like Marcel Brands, who took the blame for poor signings, but they were the owner’s signings who listened to a Brazilian agent and the club started buying players he recommended and everyone in football knew it,” said Segal, speaking to Caught Offside.

Brands spent eight years at PSV before joining Everton, and was the brains behind the signings of some relatively unknown players at the time, who have inevitably gone on to better things.

Gini Wijnaldum, Mousa Dembele, and Dries Mertens are just some of the players to have been signed by the Dutchman. All three turned into top-level players, joining Liverpool, Tottenham, and Napoli respectively, further into their careers.

As Segal mentioned, Brands was given a bad reputation by some Everton fans, due to him seemingly being behind some of the signings that have led to Everton’s financial struggles.

The majority of these signings were nothing to do with the Director of Football, rendering his job at Everton pretty useless, especially when it comes to transfers.

The same agent has connections with those at Arsenal, but thankfully for them, it hasn’t had such a drastic, negative effect on the club.

Allowing an agent with no affiliation to the football club is only going to end badly. The negative effects of the signing won’t stop the agent from getting paid, but Everton have to deal with players on substantial wages who might not fit the profile of the club.

As long as the player gets paid well, and the agent gets his fair share, both these parties are happy. Due to Moshiri not allowing someone with the football knowledge of Brands to get involved, he’s allowing an agent with no vested interest in the club to make decisions for him.


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  1. When will this stop is the million dollar question? On the one hand Mr Moshiri is putting us on the long road back to ( hopefully) the top table of football with the futuristic stadium being built but on the other he is dragging us into the mire with these players who actually don’t care a jot about our once classy and elite football club, I sincerely hope our new DOF knows his stuff and I for one couldn’t bear this stress again

  2. Why is Kenwright still here he’s a proven serial loser hes got a massive ego and holding back the club he ‘loves’

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