Mason Greenwood spotted for first time since arrest

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Manchester United attacker Mason Greenwood has been spotted in Cheshire for the first time since he was arrested by Greater Manchester Police on suspicion of rape and assault.

The young forward was arrested earlier this year after a woman released a series of images and an audio clip on social media.

United was quick to distance themselves from their youth academy graduate by releasing a statement saying that they ‘do not condone any kind of violence’ (ManUtd).

Sponsors such as Nike were also quick to cease their partnership with the teenager, who remains suspended by the Red Devils, pending an outcome of the ongoing criminal investigations.

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Following recent speculation that Greenwood could make a shock return after appearing on the club’s website under the first-team squad section, the Red Devils were once again forced to confirm that the attacker was still suspended.

However, although currently out of action, Greenwood has been spotted out and about in the Cheshire area and The Sun were able to obtain photos of the striker, who has not been seen in public since his arrest.

Image courtesy of Splash, via The Sun.


Image courtesy of Splash, via The Sun.
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  1. Leave the kid alone. The courts will decide his fate and you can have your pound of flesh and headlines then. Until then leave both him and his ex-girlfriend alone to live their lives.

    1. How can you even have any sympathy for him and tell people to leave him alone? He RAPED and continued to rape a girl when she was asking him not to. And then turned into a violent rape.

  2. He had the world at his feet, too much money too soon and they think they are invincible and can do whatever they want…

  3. Honestly for me he messed up I swear he is one of the reason that man u is in n the dilema that the find themselves in currently cause we relied on him and he disappointed us all

  4. It is undone greenwood you have money and also playing for a big club why rape u disappoint us (united) supporters

  5. It is so easy to throw a stone when you know it is not your face which will be hit.

    1. I love what I’m hearing, people are fast to judge others. Who knows what what really happens? It may be a setup.

  6. How do we all no he guilty if he was 100% guilty why not charge him there and then and not let him out on bail something don’t add up Iam not sticking up for him just saying my opinion if he guilt then yes he deserves what he get but until 30th April we won’t no

  7. at the age of 20 you are rich,famous that’s why you think you’re a small god right mason?
    if possible let your career just end like that in jail

  8. I heard everyone here . Money can but eveytin right? They 4 charge him and let him go.. We miss u mason

  9. Unity applies every where in the world so unity might start from you and me or greenwood and his Ex.
    Man get back to the team and make us UNITED

  10. Up to now the case is ongoing you don’t have a much evidence that he rape or what have happened first between two them that lead to this problem.dont judge a book by it cover,you have to wait untill the court have been decided what is right.

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