Andy Robertson’s funny response to harassment from Benfica fans

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Liverpool started off a massive two weeks in their season last night with a big 3-1 win in their Champions League first-leg tie with Benfica in Portugal but the passionate home fans did their best to make it as hard as possible. 

The Estádio da Luz was very active throughout the game and most commonly booed former Porto player Luis Diaz, a massive rival of the Eagles.

That scenario got a little heated when Diaz scored Liverpool’s third; whilst celebrating, a fan threw a plastic stick at the Colombian international, which missed, and the winger was not the only one to have missiles come his way on the night.

Late in the game, Robertson was almost struck by several objects by the home crowd as he went to take a corner and fortunately, the Scot emerged after taking the set-piece unscathed.

Speaking about the incident after the game, Robertson said via the Daily Star: “They weren’t best pleased were they! I had quite a few lighters thrown at me, so maybe it’ll help them stop smoking and take the positives!

“But, we’ve seen it a lot, people getting hit and things like that, it was quite close to me but none hit me. I know when it’s late in the game and you get frustrated but, you know you shouldn’t throw stuff onto the pitch and try to hurt people.

“Try to move on, I was just trying to take the corner and get out of there as quickly as possibly. Luckily, it was right at the end of the game.”

Although the stakes are high, behaviour like this can never be condoned. Luckily no Liverpool players were hurt and they can have a little fun about the whole situation.

Liverpool’s return leg with Benfica is at Anfield next Wednesday and let’s hope nothing like this happens again from either set of fans.

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