Marsch says he has already fixed one big mistake of Marcelo Bielsa

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New Leeds boss believes his players were over-trained and didn’t recover well under training regime of Marcelo Bielsa.

The Yorkshire club experienced a very difficult season with injuries, with key players like Bamford, Kalvin Phillips and Liam Cooper missing the majority of the season with lingering injuries.

“The injury issues had a lot to do with the training methodologies. These players were over-trained. They were physically, mentally in a difficult place to recover from week to week, game to game,”

Marsch believes his methodology of training will benefit the players in the long run.

“I have a specific methodology in the way I work, lots of running, but also having healthy, fit, strong players. We tried to put that into place. For the most part, we are getting healthy and strong with the entire group.”

Former Leeds boss, Marcelo Bielsa was criticized often by pundits for his ‘murderball’ approach which requires a lot of training from his players. According to reports he often even required double sessions in training.

Leeds now find themselves nine points clear of danger zone after positive results in recent weeks under new manager.