Paul Scholes labels Arsenal man a “disgrace” for his actions during Manchester United game

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Paul Scholes was disappointed with Mikel Arteta’s actions during Arsenal’s game at home to Manchester United.

Arsenal defeated Manchester United in a game that was filled with controversy. Penalties, offside decisions, and potential red cards were some of the key talking points during the game.

One key decision was the awarding of an Arsenal penalty. Referee Craig Pawson was advised to review the incident using the monitor, and Arteta decided to approach the official as he was on his way to watch the alleged foul.

Paul Scholes commented on the incident, and he wasn’t happy with what he saw from Arteta.

“I think Arteta is a disgrace there. He shouldn’t be allowed to do that. If you see it again, he actually goes to the crowd to try and influence the referee a little. All the players around them as well. That shouldn’t be allowed,” said Scholes, as reported by the Daily Mirror.

Due to his Manchester United connections, Scholes was understandably frustrated by his former club’s performance. However, it’s never nice to see manager’s trying to get involved with the referee making a decision.

Players are asked to step away from the monitor when the referee is reviewing a situation, so a manager shouldn’t be allowed to try and influence the decision.

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  1. So arsenal got some VAR desiscions maybe a little in their favour….bit like man utd do on a REGULAR basis…some arsenal fans would say its been a long time coming…the goal was not an obvious descision missed and should have been allowed in the first place… i could point to the fact that one utd play should have been sent of for clogging the arsenal play maguire sould have been sent off last time we played…and you mr scholes should have been sent off every game you played….POT KETTLE and BLACK come to mind no influence their then

  2. isn’t it time this bitter little man got his deep hatred of Arsenal under control? His comments are not balanced and he just sounds more and more like someone in need of professional help.

    1. He can’t even manage a boozers club.Him and Neville are always criticising yet they failed dismally as managers.

  3. Ferguson and the United players were the masters of referee intimidation. Scholes needs to look back at some of their histrionics.

  4. The biggest robbery in football history is when Man united broke the 49 unbeaten games of Arsenal. The referee forced united to win and you were part of that squad of Man united….

  5. This man just can’t stop hating. Early this season he said Man United have a better defence than Chelsea and this man is part of Manchester United problem in bringing in Conte because of his style of football.
    Im a chelsea fan and I love what Arsenal did.

  6. Man utd the greatest match rubbers in epl history with pupet ref of harwod web and co but undermind by pundits, no dabt united had more glories in domestic challange than in European competition.

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