Fans could be allowed to drink alcohol at football games for first time since 1985

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Football fans could reportedly be allowed to drink alcohol at games again for the first time since 1985.

According to the Daily Mail, some ‘safe drinking’ pilot schemes could be about to be launched in a bid to help some clubs lower down in the footballing pyramid financially.

The trial could begin soon to examine if alcohol consumption can be done safely in English football, but there have been concerns about the idea.

Violence at football matches has been on the rise, with Chief Constable Mark Roberts of Cheshire Police saying earlier this season that it seems like bad timing to be trying this now.

“It is unpicking something which is designed to make things safer for fans,” he said.

“Many would say that they do not want it anyway and would not welcome fans in front of them getting up during games to go and buy alcohol.

“It is being proposed at a time when we are seeing many worrying instances of violence at football at all levels, so the timing is bizarre.”

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  1. What an absolute nonsense. It is bound to cause trouble. Imagine you don’t like to drink and when your team score all the beer gets thrown into the air (as in the Euros) and you get drenched. Or the guy squeezing past you with a tray spill the four pints over you. Not to mention the continual going out to buy more, and visit the toilets. Surely it is not beyond the human condition to go 90 minutes without alcohol!!!!

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