Mason Greenwood girlfriend sent vile messages on social media

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Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend (possible ex now) has been flooded with vile comments on her Instagram account.

Harriet Robson made headlines at the beginning of the year after the young model appeared to post evidence of sexual assault, alledged by Greenwood.

The English forward was subsequently arrested by Greater Manchester Police and has not featured for the Red Devils since.

Mason Greenwood remains suspended by Manchester United.

Not only has Greenwood seen his sponsorship deals pulled, but he also remains suspended by the 20-times league winners.

Mason Greenwood girlfriend abused on social media

Shockingly, selections of fans have taken it upon themselves to hound the young woman with a series of truly disgusting and abusive comments on her social media.

Below is an example of some of the hateful remarks she has received.

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  1. Unbelievable comments, I’m not saying who is right or who is wrong but everyone, in this case, on both sides, need to take a chill pill and the law to take its course.

  2. The voice recordings seem to nail Mason’s guilt, not saying they are not him, but tbh they could be anyone young man with a Manc accent, my mind is open on this case, if it is Mason then throw the book at him, should never have been named till proven imo

  3. Doesn’t take a detective to notice that they’re almost exclusively african accounts. Really sad.

  4. If he did what she has claimed, he is guilty. Ruining his career would quite rightly be on him.

    If she has faked the evidence, she will get her reward.

    In this day and age, the police can trace who writes what on a social media site; they can verify who say’s what on a recording.

    However, why is it taking so long to process the information and get to trial? Unless he is guilty and negotiations are taking place over a settlement figure?

    1. It seems the police have not got enough evidence so they extended his bail. all the stories I have read lead me to believe that they are messing the investigation up. I think he we get off but on a technicallity, still think his career is destroyed.

  5. Africa pamoja with Mason Greenwood,,,, God first,,, he’s gonna make it n come back on fire

  6. If God can pardon our numerous iniquities, why can’t Greenwood be pardoned. Please loose him and let him go.

  7. That girl’s target may be to ruine Mason’s career because she is likely to caused the incident until she recorded it only Mason could not know he was lured into trouble. We football fans really feel for Mason.

  8. When you see so many obstacles in your career think twice. Is now Greenwood to change his character, back in Euro qualify he was withdrawn from England squad with his friend Phil. But is has if there is no evidence he should be free.

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