“He’s been a disgrace” – Gary Neville slams Arsenal star for comments after Newcastle defeat

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville has hit out at Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka for the way he spoke after last night’s 2-0 defeat at Newcastle United.

The Gunners have had a miserable couple of results that look likely to have cost them a place in the top four, losing 3-0 away to Tottenham before last night’s loss at St James’ Park.

Xhaka ripped into Arsenal’s players after the game, with the Switzerland international admitting he could only apologise to the club’s fans because the players weren’t good enough and didn’t carry out the game plan of manager Mikel Arteta.

See below for a clip of Xhaka’s response to the result…

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Neville, however, wasn’t impressed by Xhaka, as he felt the 29-year-old seemed to be shifting the blame onto some of Arsenal’s younger players, when he himself has so often let the team down for a number of years now.

“I think I heard him say, ‘stay at home if you haven’t got the balls’. So he’s obviously having a go at people in his dressing room,” Neville said on Sky’s coverage of the game, as quoted by the Daily Mirror.

“I don’t know who he’s having a go at, I hope he wasn’t having a go at the younger players…him? I tell you what he’s been a disgrace at times over the last four or five years, getting sent off recklessly. He’s left it up in the air there, that was nothing there.”

Many Arsenal fans will feel Neville has a point – Xhaka hasn’t exactly led by example himself despite his experience, so it seems a bit rich for him to be hitting out at the rest of his team-mates on this occasion.

Arsenal are now relying on Spurs slipping up on the final day of the season and will also need to beat Everton in order to ensure they finish fourth.

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    1. I am a Liverpool fan, but even I have to admit Neville was a top class footballer. You don’t play the games he did under Fergie without being very good. Certainly his teammates could count on him
      He is also right about Xhaka

    2. Oh Really, and that goes for Arteta too?, he’s too inexpierenced too lead Arsenal, that showed last night. he has to go.

  2. Well such is football the players wanted to win but it did not work out yet we must give them kudos kudos for coming so far after all nobody give them any chance of thus reaching were they are today is a job well done if they invest again in this summer they will come good next year if I were the Arsenal I will leave everything this year were we are now in the first place everyone will understand that they the FA have already sesded the fourth position to Spurs so they should not worry at the conference league this season they did not go far let’s watch there performances in the champion league next season thank God that one is not the hand of English FA.

  3. Hi what is wrong with Arsenal the board and Atatara we have no guts we have good players only SAKA the best player we have how can you exspect Rowe to do a job for you when one game he plays another his droped please please get rid of the rubbish and thats the manager this session was a big disgrace Arsenal are far bettet then that sake the board now sake the manager now Arsenal is roton to the core

  4. Xhaka wasn’t wrong. Michael Jordan used to call out teammates if they didn’t perform. This is Arteta’s fault. He got rid off all the experienced players.

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