Norwich have an incentive to help Arsenal qualify for Champions League

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Norwich may have already been relegated, but they do have an incentive to beat Tottenham this weekend, subsequently helping Arsenal qualify for Champions League.

With the season drawing to a close, many clubs in the Premier League have very little to play for, which could effect the results of important games. Norwich face Tottenham this weekend, and due to them already being relegated, many believe they have no incentive to win their game, and Spurs could cruise into Champions League qualification.

However, this may not be the case, as Norwich will receive an extra £2m if they finish above Watford, according to Football.London. To do so, they will have to beat Tottenham this weekend, so the incentive may not be staying in the league or finishing in European competition places, but a financial gain instead.

The difference in league position often gets overlooked by fans, but the prize money received can differ significantly between places in the league. Especially for a club like Norwich, who will be looking for every single penny they can get due to missing out on the money that comes with being in the Premier League next season.


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  1. Pleeease,
    Let the pundit go on about his stuff but say nothing
    as anything may embarrass more than its educating. We’ve been embarrassed enough times to last a lifetime so please shut your mouth and just engage your brain. No need to say more.

  2. To be honest them being able to get into the top 5, means Arsenal have over achieved when you consider the tender age of their team… When you consider it they’ve done really well to have gotten themselve into that position of challenging 4d top 4…. I mean there more experienced teams who’ve failed to do so this season (Man U, West Ham, Leicester etc)… So what supporters should be looking for is the next season when the team has had the chance to really blend in with each other… Another thing is to be in the Champions League at this transitional stage might be asking a lot of them…

  3. At the end of the day Norwich should bow out in style and if it means spoiling Spurs party so be it. I mean everyone has seen it as a foregone conclusion that they are gonna loose to Spurs. At least they’ll be giving there fans something to cheer about knowing that they went down in Style & will let teams in the Championship know that there gonna be in for a fight.

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