‘Why would I want to go to Newcastle’ – Sutton urges player to reject Toon

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Chris Sutton has urged Cameron Carter-Vickers to reject a move to Newcastle and stay at Celtic.

Sutton, a former Celtic player, has rubbished the idea that a move to Newcastle would be beneficial, and insists he should stay in Scotland.

“The fact that Champions League football is there – what an incentive. If I’m Carter-Vickers and I get the opportunity to go to Newcastle for example. Why would I want to go to Newcastle? Other than for the money,” said Sutton, speaking on the Record Celtic podcast.

Unfortunately for Sutton, the modern player is often tempted by an increased salary, rather than staying loyal to a club. Champions League football might be an attraction, but there’s no reason Newcastle can’t achieve that in a few years with their current spending power.

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  1. Because he will be playing premiership football not walkovers apart from rangers games. sutton is a dick anyway stealing a living

  2. What about being owned by a vicious regime that inflicts mayhem on other countries; famine in Yemen and Jamal Kasshoggis murder? It is a vacuous misery machine taking over sport? No morality? Did he forget that bit?

    1. Of course you do know that the war in Yemen is a coalition of arab countries don’t you ? and NOT aimed at the country itself but the Houthi rebels who themselves inflict hideous murders and misery on the people of the Yemen , strange that the Yemeni government and people back the coalition eh. But don’t let that get in the way of your pathetic drivel

  3. Maybe he would want to play at a higher level in the PL and in front of a rockin St James Park crowd Chris instead of playing non league football in Scotland???

  4. Doesn’t anyone question the dirty tainted death money and where it comes from?

  5. Champions league is fantastic competition but the premier league is the best in the world, 38 games you put your skill against others in your position every week, not 4-6 games cause celtic will not get past the group stage. Realistically there a championship side.

    1. You’d shit yourselves if Celtic n Rangers came down there, after couple of years they’d be consistent top 4, far bigger than 95% of English clubs !!

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