“Man City fans are imbeciles” – Simon Jordan goes on rant about City pitch invasion

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talkSport’s Simon Jordan has called Man City fans “imbeciles” following their pitch invasion after winning the Premier League yesterday. 

The pitch invasion occurred upon the conclusion of the match which resulted in some City fans attacking Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen. The invasion is one of many that has occurred in English football recently and the attack isn’t the first either, as Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp was headbutted by a fan after their defeat to Nottingham Forest in the Championship play-offs semi-final last week.

The trend is a cause for concern for many and the Sky Sports pundits even addressed it during their coverage of the final day yesterday, with Gary Neville stating:

“Running on the pitch is obviously delirious because City have won the league, so I get that, but attacking opposition players on the pitch – where has this come from? Why is it happening? I’ve got no idea. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Man City fans on the Etihad pitch

When the topic came up on talkSport this morning, pundit Simon Jordan was another to go on a rant about the recent trend and specifically addressed yesterday’s events.

Jordan said: “I looked at those Man City fans yesterday and my overriding, overarching reaction to them, is not because it’s Man City, brilliant football club, well done for winning the Premier League – your fans are imbeciles for going on the pitch.

“And Man City for not stopping it and knowing it was coming, and not saying to the fans we’re going to police this properly and if you do this we are not going to bring the trophy out, we are not going to celebrate the trophy, we are not going to allow the pitch to be invaded and you get off the pitch when you feel like it.

“Football either means it or it doesn’t, because the problem is you can’t legislate for the one per cent of those people that want to go and smack someone else in the mouth.”

Jordan’s last point is spot on, it only takes one person to cause problems and shame their club. Therefore, this is a trend that needs clamping down on and fast.

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