Ferran Soriano claims Manchester United have more money than City

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Following the decisions of arguably the two brightest stars in football, Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe, to join or stay at state-backed clubs, the question has once again been raised about the fairness of the footballing ecosystem.

The narrative has been that nobody was able to compete with the offers that others, notably Real Madrid and Liverpool, were unable to compete with the financial packages of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

That idea was put to City Chief Executive Ferran Soriano by Catalan radio station RAC1, with The Mirror covering his comments. Soriano was assertive in his answers.

“People construct narratives that are lies, that don’t make sense. If you look at the income of English clubs, the biggest earner is Manchester United. They earn £100m more than City, Liverpool and Chelsea. We don’t have more money. In fact, we have less.”

Erling Haaland will join Manchester City this summer.

He was also keen to differentiate between the cases of PSG and City, who have pursued different methods of squad building over the last decade. Not before comparing City favourably with United however.

“How much money has United spent in recent years and how much has City spent? If you analyse it, you will see that United has spent more, and that City has won 11 titles in the last few years and United one or two, and no league titles. The French market is different. PSG has revenues of €600 million and the next biggest club €250 million. There is a big difference here, but you can’t compare City with PSG. We are not a club state. We are a club owned by three shareholders.”

During these episodes, Financial Fair Play has come under criticism for not levelling the playing field as some had hoped. Manchester City are still under investigation for their sponsorship deals, while La Liga have said that they will present a complaint to UEFA about the spending of the French Champions.

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