Liverpool star demanding in the region of £83m to stay at the club

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Liverpool winger Sadio Mane is looking to leave the club this summer, with his contract set to expire next year.

The two parties haven’t come to an agreement over a new deal, and details have now emerged of the figure Mane was demanding to sign a new contract.

According to the Mirror, Mane was expecting around £400,000 a week on a four-year deal. Including bonuses, this would total around £83m. The Senegal international wants his salary to be in line with others on his level in the league, with the report claiming the figure demanded by Mane would see him on a similar wage to Kevin De Bruyne and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sadio Mane in action for Liverpool.

Further to the report, Bayern Munich are close to agreeing a three-year deal for Mane, on around £360,000 a week, so it appears the 30-year-old isn’t just interested in the money.

Mane is looking for a new challenge, but would have stayed in Merseyside if he was offered a monumental wage package. Liverpool may find themselves in a similar position with Mohamed Salah, whose contract is also expiring next year.

If Liverpool don’t break from their wage structure and begin to offer their star players similar figures to the top earners in the Premier League.

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  1. If other teams offer, their best players that amount,why not Liverpool do the same…l dont see any wrong for Mane as well as Salah demanding to be put on the same level with other best players in the EPL….They are best players,so they cant just best on the field of play yet they are earning nuts…gone are the days for playing for nuts FSG CO

  2. If where to be one board members I would aloud both mane and salad to go I will sale them and use the money to buy younger players in the market this summer because if you leave them in the team there would be confusion. They will not play with there heart just for example salable since February how goals did he score. Since he he started demanding for four hundred thousand pounds a week at his age they should go they have tried for the club

    1. Your talking bollacks, they are among our best players, they ought to be properly compensated
      with their peers. We can’t claim to be world class club paying Burnley FC Salaries?

  3. Every club has a different revenue and different salary stracture. Destroying it because of a player demands would create lots of issues like it happened with Bayern when in order to get Sane they gave him a contract of 300 thousanda week. All players close to renewal have been demanding much more.
    Liverpool have chosen to have a salary stracture that is more even and without spikes and it is quite a high one, just barely below the City and United ones, handing Mane and/or Salah 300 to 400 thousand per week would increase salary bill by a significant amount and should not happen!
    The notion that they should get paid similar to Ronaldo or De Bruyne because they are as good is not valid. Thereare for example accountants that do the same job with the same performsnce in 2 different firms, it does not meen they get paid the same. Of course they can seak a different opportunity. Same in football like in anything else.

  4. Klopp is already planning beyond salah and Mane. Both have been pure legends, along with Firmino, however we can’t get into a situation where our main strikers are all over 30 and eventually in decline. Same goes for midfield. If we don’t refresh the squad, too big a job to rebuild.

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