Mason Greenwood update as Man United star set for new court hearing

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The seriousness of the charges leveled at Mason Greenwood and the evidence that came to public light made it seem deeply unlikely that he would ever wear a Man United shirt again, and he remains suspended by the club as the investigation continues.

He’s still subject to charges for assaulting and raping a woman, although he’s not in custody for now as he remains on bail.

There is a chance that could change next week as it’s reported that a new hearing is set for next week – the police are still investigating his case and an application has been made to extend his bail.

It appears that there won’t be any media or public access to the hearing, while Greenwood himself isn’t expected to attend so it does sound like this is simply a formality and procedural rather than offering any real insight to the outcome of the case.

There’s still no further update on his status with United as the club have confirmed that he won’t be allowed to train with his teammates or be available for selection, so it sounds like this could still take some time before an outcome is reached.

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  1. But why it takes much time from January ntil now what the police doing? this is not fair please I’m arsenal fan but I like this Young talented man

  2. short version. the police don’t have the evidence to charge him with anything, so they’re just spinning things out as long as possible.
    quite normal in cases of rape ALLEGATIONS. the problem is that this can last, in extreme cases, for years. in the meantime the life of the man, and it is always a man, grinds to a complete halt. he can’t work, and he will always have it hanging over him no matter what the outcome is.
    if there was anything to it, he would have been charged by now. instead, his life is in limbo until the cps decide to admit that there was nothing to it from the start!

  3. There are videos that were posted by the VICTIM of him abusing her. That should be proof enough of what he did to her.

  4. There is video that was posted by the VICTIM of him assaulting her. That should be proof enough of the abuse. Noticed no one thinks of the woman that’s also going through hell while this drags out.

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