‘Unfortunately’ – Harry Redknapp issued verdict on Newcastle United’s owners

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Former Premier League boss Harry Redknapp has issued has issued his verdict on Newcastle United’s new owners.

It took some time for the Magpies to get their new owners, but last winter, the PIF Group completed their takeover.

Newcastle now have one of the wealthiest ownership groups in the Premier League, and they can look forward to a summer of spending.

But there are ethical questions over the takeover given PIF are linked to the Saudi Arabian government.

There are claims PIF are using Newcastle as part of a sportswashing project amid concerning incidents in their home country.

Those issues are what held up the takeover in the first place, but the Premier League wound up accepting the deal.

And some are now questioning fans for supporting the club under these circumstances, and questioning players taking money from the regime.

But former Tottenham boss Redknapp is not convinced by that particular argument, even if he does acknowledge the concerns.

“I think it’s been going on a long time, when we look back at people who cleaned up their image by buying football clubs coming here to England its something that’s been going on a while,” he told Piers Morgan on his new show ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’.

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“The Saudi’s coming here and the things that have gone on in their country but they’ve come here and takeover Newcastle and we can all feel strongly about what’s happened in their country but you go and tell all those Geordies, the 55,000 that turn up every week at Newcastle, they’re not suddenly going to stop going.

“The players are being offered large sums of money to go and play at this new goal tour and they’re going to take it. Unfortunately that’s the way the world works.

“Those Newcastle fans who go and watch their team are not in the slightest bit bothered where the money comes from, as long as they are buying better players and winning more games and going up in the league. How many times have we now seen it in this country.”

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  1. Did harry the dog have naughty dealings when he was at Portsmouth ? Oh yes he had an of sore bank account in his dogs name HA HA. Has he ever stayed at a Marriott’s Hotel .Does he watch the Grand Prix .I am sure that some stage in his life he has flown with an Air line that has instrument’s that were made in Saudi .2021 we exported 4000M.to Saudi. So please Harry give it a rest .

  2. Redknapp manage West Ham didn’t he? Sure most of their owners wealth was obtained through the Gold & Sullivan PORN empire….very ethical 👌👌

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