“Sex, no rules and pure life” Former Premier League star reveals his exotic post-football life

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Too often we hear of footballers who have everything while they are playing just to fade into obscurity once they leave the game, but that’s not the case for former Newcastle United star Tino Asprilla.

In many ways, he was the perfect fit for Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United side with his flair and swashbuckling approach to the game, but a recent report from the Sun has shown that he’s taken that spirit into his retirement too.

Most footballers seem to go into punditry or coaching, or perhaps they’ll venture into the business world through property or investments, but Asprilla has taken a more interesting path.

He confirms that he now makes his money by selling sugar to the government and he also has his own condom brand titled “Tino” with his childhood-inspired Guava flavor apparently being his favorite.

Perhaps his reasoning for entering that line of business can be seen in his self-proclaimed motto of “lots of sex, no rules, and pure life”, but he also deserves some credit for donating millions of condoms during a global shortage when Covid struck.

It certainly sounds like he’s out there living his best life, and it’s hard to think of a footballer who’s gone down a similar path when their career has ended.

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